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May 6, 2009 Davis W. Frank

First, thanks to everyone who came – especially those who laughed at all the right spots. If I didn’t get to your question, I’m here through Thursday afternoon.

There were a couple of questions during the talk and lots after the talk about how to deal with remote pairs. Since it’s RailsConf and most folks are on MacOS, came up.

Chad Woolley, King Remote Pivot, wrote up a great detailed discussion of his setup back in December. It should have answers to your tool & equipment questions.

The key element is the Full Screen mode in In Full Screen mode the remote Mac just becomes a terminal on the host machine – which means keystrokes like CMD-TAB, CMD-Space and a few others go over the wire instead of to your local box.

But Apple killed this feature as of 10.5.5 – but you can get it back! Follow the instructions at this post at MacWorld – use the second, more complex method – to hack on your bundle to restore the awesomeness.

Once you’ve got the new app, replace the current so you are always awesome:

sudo mv /System/Library/CoreServices/Screen /System/Library/CoreServices/Lame Screen

sudo cp Awesome Screen /System/Library/CoreServices/Screen

Then, run these two commands from Terminal:

defaults write ShowBonjourBrowser_Debug 1

'NSToolbar Configuration ControlToolbar' -dict-add 'TB Item Identifiers'  '(Scale,Control,Share,Curtain,Capture,FullScreen,GetClipboard,SendClipboard,Quality)'

We keep a copy of this app around which we renamed to, so we don’t lose the feature on subsequent Software Updates.

One last thing: Quicksilver doesn’t index into the /System directory by default, but you can change that as well:

  • Go to QuickSilver preferences
  • Go to Catalog (top right)
  • Go to Custom (bottom left)
  • Hit the plus (system bar) to add a new location
  • Pick File & Folder scanner
  • Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices

Now you can launch ScreenSharing via QS. Enjoy!

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