Field Trip Chronicles: Pivotal NYC Hardware Hacking Club

October 4, 2012 Andrew Fader

Pivotal NYC’s resident solder-happy Arduino-slingers (Pivotal Labs Labs, if you will) took a field trip today to Hack Manhattan, a hacker space, garden, and science laboratory on 14th street near our office. Hack Manhattan has, among other useful tools, a CNC mill, lathe, plotter, and several 3D printers in various stages of assembly. Members and friendly visitors are free to use the tools provided they know how, and may attend classes on various topics.

A joint venture between followers of the collective hacker ethos espoused by Brooklyn space NYC.Resistor, and a team of vigilante biologists, Hack Manhattan also boasts a rooftop garden complete with a solar-powered hydrolysis device and a chest of lively bees. Click through to a brief photo tour of our trip.

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