Farhan Thawar in First Round Review

February 4, 2014 Herbert Lui

Our Toronto VP of Engineering, Farhan Thawar, was recently featured on First Round Review and shared the five mistakes that startups make when dealing with mobile. He debunks myths surrounding the topic:

  1. Building apps natively per platform is a waste of time and money.

  2. My backend infrastructure is ready to support mobile apps.

  3. You can build your mobile app internally as fast as an outside firm.

  4. If I outsource to a mobile development firm, I won’t have to do any work.

  5. Once I start working with a development firm, I’ll be stuck with them forever.

Here are Farhan’s five observations, backed by firsthand experience and data:

  1. If you want a five-star app, build natively. Period.

  2. You will need to change, upgrade, or completely rebuild your backend to create the best mobile experience.

  3. Building your app yourself will take 4x the time.

  4. For the best outcomes, clients need to be heavily involved with the firms they’ve contracted.

  5. Working with an external firm at first can make it even easier to build internally in the future.

Have a deeper look in the First Round Review article.

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