"Evening with webOS" Posted, PreDevCamp

August 5, 2009 Davis W. Frank

Our “Palm webOS Night @ Pivotal Labs” was well attended two weeks ago. Mitch Allen, of Palm introduced talks by Palm’s Jesse Donaldson & yours truly. Jesse walked through an overview of how to write a Mojo (the name for Palm’s framework) application and I shared our experiences, including how test-driven development can work on the platform. After working with Palm’s new operating system for several months it was great finally to be able to share our experiences, talk up agile practices, and answer questions.

But don’t take my word for it – go see and/or listen for yourself, or just go read Jesse’s slides or my slides.

The following week the San Francisco webOS Meetup was at Palm headquarters on July 28th. The organizers asked we give the same talks. We had a larger crowd but had similar questions about platform direction and experiences. While this event at Palm wasn’t recorded, the content was largely the same and it was just as great to hear enthusiasm in the community.

This excitement carries over to this Saturday. August 8th is PreDevCamp, a worldwide, self-organizing event where developers will be hacking together to teach & learn how to write applications for webOS.

I’ll be at the San Francisco event, which is going to be at Palm in Sunnyvale (not exactly SF), talkin’ agile, helping out and of course, hacking a bit. If you’re in the Bay Area, come say, “Hi.” If you’re not, then register for your local PreDevCamp and go code up some apps.

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