Managing Employee Experience and Building Trust, Cloud-Native HR (Ep. 36)

October 5, 2016 Coté

Building a high performance organization requires more than just putting good technologies and practices in place for developing and delivering product, it requires the right culture as well. In large organizations, this often means changing the culture. At the heart of that is people, so it’s natural that Human Resources will get involved, hopefully sooner rather than later.

To discuss these topics, we bring back Joe Militello for the second time to discuss how Pivotal thinks through HR and the consultative work our team has been doing on these topics. His framing that I really liked relates to his summary of what HR does: improving “the experience of our employees and candidates.” We go over some best practices for transforming how HR operates and give a little peek into how Pivotal manages employee’s experience.

Best slide of 2016:


Show Notes


Guest – Joe Militello

  • HR at Pivotal is about “the experience of our employees and our candidates.”
  • We discuss doing more “experiments” (or any at all!) in HR
  • How surveys lead to empathy, which, really, is one of the best ways to perfect the employee experience.
  • Some best practices from all that consulting: (1.) prepping people about change so they don’t freak out. (2.) You just need to get started. (3.) It’s likely a good idea to “skunkworks” it, be small at first and then expand out.
  • Trust, pay transparency, and diversity.
  • Corporate values: defining them, explaining them, and demonstrating we all follow them.
  • Find Joe in Twitter: @JoeMilitello10.

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