EMC Data Computing Appliance v3 For Pivotal Greenplum Now Available

February 8, 2016 Oak Barrett

sfeatured-data-computing-applianceData Warehouse (DW) appliances have been the dominant platform for supporting business analytics since the mid-2000s thanks to their ease-of-deployment and optimized performance. Soon after hitting the data center floor, the DW appliance is ready to begin ingesting and querying data at scale.

As the DW appliance rose to prominence, the enterprise software market began a transition of its own. Namely, proprietary approaches to enterprise analytical software started to give way to open source software. This trend started slowly but picked up pace over the past five years. Today, open source analytics is becoming a mainstay in the enterprise.

For years, these two trends—the growing dominance of the DW appliance and the emergence of open source analytics in the enterprise—didn’t converge. Wouldn’t it be great to combine the best of both worlds—the fast, simple deployment and high performance of the DW appliance with the community development, support, and lower price-point of open source?

Best Of Both Worlds: EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA) v3 + Pivotal Greenplum

EMC and Pivotal are thrilled to announce the EMC Data Computing Appliance (DCA) v3, the industry’s first and only DW appliance with software that is based on open source data warehouse technology, Pivotal Greenplum. DCA v3 is an integrated analytics platform that comes loaded with Pivotal Greenplum—Pivotal’s commercial data warehouse technology based on the open source Greenplum Database, optimized to run on powerful EMC hardware. DCA v3 customers can now get the advanced functionality and analytics capabilities of the market’s leading open source data warehouse in an appliance form factor delivering unrivaled time-to-insight.

“The DCA V3 is the most advanced and proven method of deployment for Pivotal Greenplum. Backed by world-class EMC engineering and support, the DCA v3 provides Greenplum customers with better price-performance, configuration flexibility and simplified networking. We’re proud to continue the Pivotal-EMC relationship delivering our customers with the most advanced, fully featured, open source-based data warehouse.”

—Vikram Bhambri
Vice President, Product Management, Advanced Software Group, Emerging Technology Division, EMC Corporation

We believe the combination of EMC’s market leading appliance with the industry’s only open source massively parallel data warehouse software will lower the barrier to entry for game-changing Big Data analytics even further.

Improved Performance And Scalability For The First Commercial Appliance To Support An Open Source-Based Data Warehouse

DCA v3 includes a number of significant performance and scalability improvements from previous versions, all developed in response to customer feedback. These include:

  • The ability to concurrently load and analyze significantly larger amounts data than previous versions. DCA v3 has twice the number of CPU cores, adds five times the amount of RAM, and increases disk capacity by 500% over first generation DCAs.
  • DCA’s modular approach allows customers to expand their clusters to over 8 petabytes (compressed) in usable capacity while experiencing a near linear performance increase. DCA can scale out from terabytes to petabytes without losing performance simply by plugging in additional DCA modules.
  • As data sizes and workloads increase over time, customers can easily add additional compute and storage to their systems. Cluster size may range from a single module (4 segment servers) to as large as 44 modules (176 segment servers). Pivotal Greenplum supports online expansion making redistribution of data across the new nodes simple and efficient.

As with past versions, DCA is enabled with EMC Secure Remote Services and “dial home” support in the event of hardware or software errors. Remote diagnosis of issues prevents downtime, and, if needed, EMC can automatically dispatch engineers to accelerate problem resolution. With collaborative support by Pivotal and EMC, customers can expect 24×7 coverage by Big Data hardware and software experts around the globe.

Thanks to EMC Global Delivery specialists, coupled with the expert knowledge of the Pivotal Data Engineering organization, our customers can be assured their DCA v3 appliances will be configured to meet their requirements and available for use shortly after delivery to their data centers.

Ease and speed of deployment and unrivaled query performance are major reasons cited by customers for choosing the appliance approach for their Pivotal Greenplum clusters. The DW appliance remains as relevant today as ever. With the EMC DCA v3 release, Pivotal and EMC are doubling down on the DW appliance, bringing it into the open source era for a new generation of Big Data analytics.

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