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November 2, 2010 Sarah Mei


We made a branch in git called “–track” by accident, and now we can’t get rid of it. git thinks it’s a command-line argument, even when it’s in quotes.

Here’s the command what did it:

$ git checkout -b --track origin/actual_branch_name
Branch --track set up to track remote branch refs/remotes/origin/actual_branch_name.
Switched to a new branch "--track"

Consensus: kill it through RubyMine or gitX. There is also a way through the command line:

$ git branch -d -- --track

…but make sure you get the dashes in all the right places.


  • reset after tail – sometimes, if your PS1 has colors (or square brackets, or … ?) you can lose your Terminal after tailing a file. To get it back, type reset, which should work even if you can’t see it echoing. You may need an extra return before it.

  • The Giants seem to have won! There’s a parade tomorrow, right in front of the office. If you’re coming for the tech talk, leave extra time as streets will be closed and they’re expecting a crowd.

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Oh look a parade!

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