Don’t Underestimate the Power of Laughter

May 24, 2007 Christian Sepulveda

Do you laugh everyday at your job? If not, why? I think too many people become
complacent at their job and accept being bored, frustrated or just generally not

Laughter is not the only benchmark though. I think you should also ask, “Did I
learn something today?”.

I am not advocating resignation on the first laugh-free day nor should the work
environment become a comedy club or a playroom. But I want employees who take
their own professional development and satisfaction seriously and demand a “yes”
to both questions. It is a character marker of the employee and one of the

I’ve worked in situations where I could answer yes in some cases and no in
others. While obvious, I can’t overstate the difference for my own productivity
and general mental health when I could answer yes. And don’t assume you have to
be lucky to either structure such an organization (for the employer) or find one
(for the employee). The companies are out there and if you can’t change your
organization to accommodate such satisfaction, then what can your organization

These two simple questions are a good litmus test assessing your current
employment, or for the employer, the quality of your work environment. I suggest
asking the question every day over the next week and then review your answers.

So, did you laugh today? What did you learn today?

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