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November 13, 2009 Pivotal Labs

I have an RSS feed, and I’d like to make a little news page out of it with the ability to post comments. Having done a quick survey of what’s available, I’m thinking of doing nothing. But I’d like to find out what others have to say about tools available.

General requirements:

  • I’d like to take an RSS feed and make a nice news page out of it.

  • No mangling or truncating of articles in the feed.

  • It’d be great if I could tie comments in. That might mean, for instance, dropping in disqus.

  • I’d rather not have to write, deploy, or maintain any code. But if there’s some set of tools/apis I could easily tie together with code, I’d consider it (some Heroku-type setup, for instance).

Examples of sites I consider to be at least partially what I’m driving at:

If I had to write code, I could imagine using something like feedzirra, sticking it on a many-times-per-hour cron job, and writing out a page and dropping in disqus.


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Announcing the "Pivotal News Network" RSS Feed
Announcing the "Pivotal News Network" RSS Feed

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