Come to "An Evening with Palm webOS" at Pivotal Labs

July 16, 2009 Davis W. Frank

On Tuesday, July 21st, we’re hosting “An evening with Palm’s webOS” here at Pivotal Labs. Mitch Allen, Software CTO & author of the forthcoming book Palm webOS, and Jesse McDonald, Sr. Manager, Mojo Framework, of Palm, Inc., and I will be speaking. There will be some good introduction material from Palm and I’ll be talking about Pivotal’s experience developing for this new platform.

It’s no secret we’re fans of Palm’s webOS and it’s Mojo framework. We’ve been quoted often over the past few months about how productive the development environment is, especially for those familiar with web development tools & technologies. Over the past few months we have developed four applications that are currently available in Palm’s App Catalog: Mobile by Citysearch, AP News, LikeMe, and Tweed, a client for Twitter.

We previewed Pockets, a set of code for helping with test-driven development, and Jasmine, our JavaScript testing framework in an O’Reilly Media webcast this week- it was well attended & received. Thanks!

Now that Palm has opened up SDK access to everyone, it’s a great time to come learn what the fuss is all about and talk one-on-one with Palm engineers & Pivots about how to get started with webOS and Mojo.

Please register for & come to An evening with Palm’s webOS. See you Tuesday!

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