Cloud Foundry Previews New Features at SpringOne 2GX

October 27, 2011 Cloud Foundry

featured-cf-genericThe Cloud Foundry team has been interacting with hundreds of Spring, Groovy, and Grails developers and architects at SpringOne 2GX. At the show we previewed and introduced several new technologies on top of our Open Platform as a Service offering and have been getting great feedback. For those of you that don’t know, SpringOne 2GX is the premier event for Spring, Groovy, and Grails application development and runtime technologies with tons of deep technical content delivered by the top experts in the industry, including some of our very own.

Cloud Foundry presented its own track at SpringOne 2GX this year, and we have been busy showing off some of the latest developments with Cloud Foundry. Some of these developments include introductions and previews of these exciting new technologies:

  • Spring features: auto-reconfiguration mechanism that allows applications to automatically bind to Cloud Foundry Services without any modifications. The use of the “cloud” namespace and profiles gives applications explicit control over consuming Cloud Foundry Services and requires no modification to run locally.
  • VCC/”Caldecott” : Allows users to attach to Cloud Foundry Services and control them as if they are running locally. An example that was demoed was exporting a vFabric Postgres Table and importing it into another vFabric Postgres instance.
  • Java Remote Debugging : Giving Java Developers the ability to debug applications running in a local instance of Cloud Foundry through the Spring STS IDE. This included setting breakpoint in live code, making changes to variables, and then continuing the application while it was running in their local Cloud Foundry instance. This is available in the open source repository and can be enabled for local instances of Cloud Foundry (VCAP).
  • Spring Insight : Providing real-time application runtime performance and behavior information for Java Spring applications running on

Some of the conference attendees really impressed us by showing some really cool applications that were developed and deployed to Micro Cloud Foundry and in just minutes. In addition to the great technology previews, there has been a lot of excitement around being able to deploy applications on Micro Cloud Foundry and then to with no coding changes. Combined with the upcoming effort to allow for provisioning of private Cloud Foundry instances behind the firewall, developers are recognizing Cloud Foundry as their de facto PaaS deployment solution.

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