Cloud Foundry Open Tour 2012

February 24, 2012 Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Open Tour 2012 is a global series of one day developer events designed to help the thriving cloud community to meet and exchange ideas with the technologists behind the industry’s leading open platform as a service. Whether you are building enterprise Java applications, Ruby-based social media sites or mobile back-end systems using Node.js, these special one day events are the fastest way to learn about developing in the cloud. Register now for the city nearest you.

Cloud Foundry Open Tour Map

Beijing, Shanghai & Tokyo

The Cloud Foundry Open Tour begins with special events in Beijing (March 28), Shanghai (March 30) and Tokyo (April 2). The leading engineers behind Cloud Foundry will give a hands on guide for getting started with the platform and the follow-up sessions will teach developers all the details they need to create productive applications in Java, Ruby or Node.js. Essential sessions include

  • Cloud Foundry Technical Overview by Mark Lucovsky
  • Cloud Foundry Bootcamp by Chris Richardson

San Francisco, Portland, Austin & Washington D.C.

There are four great locations for the developer community to learn more about Cloud Foundry: San Francisco (March 30), Portland (April 2), Austin (April 5) and Washington, D.C. (April 9). The North American cities will help developer learn the basics about Cloud Foundry but will also focus on the broad community of contributors to the open source platform. In select cities, attendees will have access to special sessions by 10gen about MongoDB, AppFog about PHP as well as presentations about cloud application design by prominent community members. Key sessions include:

  • Cloud Foundry Bootcamp by Dave McCrory
  • Using MongoDB for Cloud Foundry Applications by Jared Rosoff (10gen)

Kiev, Moscow & London

In Europe, the Cloud Foundry Open Tour joins forces with the Spring and Grails developer communities to provide multiple tracks that are sure to interest any enterprise developer: Kiev (April 24), Moscow (April 26) and London (May 1). These events are perfect for learning about the latest Spring 3.1 release, recommendations for using noSQL, Grails 2.1 capabilities as well as incredible details about how the Cloud Foundry platform works. Top sessions include:

  • Developing Polyglot Applications on Cloud Foundry by Chris Richardson
  • Spring 3.1 Review and 3.2 Preview by Juergen Hoeller
  • What’s New in Groovy 2.0 by Guillaume Laforge

Register Today

Meet-up with other cutting edge developers, learn from the expert technologists behind Cloud Foundry and expand your opportunities by attending the Cloud Foundry Open Tour.

There is a small registration fee for attending the Cloud Foundry Open Tour, but the current early bird registration provides discounts and space is limited in each city so be sure to save your spot today.

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