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October 24, 2014 Leo Spiegel

featured-CF-bylawsWhen Paul Martiz announced that Pivotal would establish an open governance model for Cloud Foundry back in February, it was clear that momentum was building around Cloud Foundry as the open cloud platform of choice. Not just for Pivotal, but for the industry. After all, the initial list of tech titans backing Cloud Foundry was impressive—including, IBM, HP, EMC, SAP, Centurylink, VMware and others. Since then, momentum has skyrocketed with over 35 new members joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation as Gold and Silver Members.

Today, we are happy to share the results of Pivotal’s collaboration with these open source stalwarts. Namely, the release of the Cloud Foundry Foundation bylaws and related documents for public review by the open source community. Leveraging the expertise gained in creating OpenStack, Eclipse, Apache, OASIS and many other foundations, the Cloud Foundry Foundation bylaws accomplish what we initially set out to do with Cloud Foundry—foster and maintain a meritocratic, autonomous and agile development community for an open Platform-as-a-Service. This includes a governance model that preserves a separation of concerns between Foundation business operations and technical governance. Said differently, the technical community drives the technology decisions, and the business community drives business decisions.

The Cloud Foundry Governance documents include:

  • Bylaws: describing the business and operations side of the Foundation
  • Development Governance Policy: outlining the structure of the Cloud Foundry development community including projects, PMCs and the PMC Council
  • Community Code of Conduct: describing the guiding principles of the Foundation
  • Intellectual Property Policy: stating the intellectual property policies and licenses for Cloud Foundry Projects
  • Membership Agreement: setting out the membership terms for Foundation members
  • Individual / Corporate Contributor License Agreements: defining the terms under which individuals and companies may submit code into a Cloud Foundry project
  • Antitrust Guidelines: outlining the the conduct for the organization and members to promote fair competition

We believe that we have successfully engineered a careful balance of power between Foundation business and Foundation development that will drive an equal opportunity to participate and encourage a vibrant open source community now and into the future.

The release of these bylaws is an important milestone toward the transition to a formal Foundation operating model later this year. The community is invited to join the upcoming Community Advisory Board call on October 29th, where members of the team that helped create these documents will be answering questions and listening to community concerns.

At Pivotal, we are humbled by the overwhelming momentum and respect that Cloud Foundry is driving in the industry. We are honored to be part of a Foundation best described by its mission statement:

To establish and sustain Cloud Foundry as the global industry standard Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) open source technology with a thriving ecosystem; to deliver continuous quality, value and innovation to users, operators and providers of Cloud Foundry technology; and, to provide a vibrant agile experience for the community’s contributors that delivers the highest quality cloud-native applications and software, at high velocity with global scale.

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