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August 25, 2011 Cloud Foundry

featured-cf-genericCloud Foundry, the industry’s first open platform as a service, has been built from the first line of code to support multiple languages, multiple frameworks, multiple services, and multiple clouds. Today we are announcing two items. First, we are announcing partnerships to provide additional framework abilities to the open source project (multi-framework) and second, we are announcing that these partners will build their own products and services using the Cloud Foundry open source project.

The Cloud Foundry Community Leads program will bring additional framework support to Cloud Foundry. Our belief is that working with developers and organizations that are passionate and familiar with particular languages and frameworks is the best way to enable additional language support in the project. The Community Leads program brings domain experts into the community to contribute and maintain specific elements of Cloud Foundry. We’re delighted to welcome the first two Community Leads who bring two more frameworks into Cloud Foundry.

Welcome Python/Django and
PHP to

ActiveState, a company already counted on by Bloomberg, Boeing and other demanding customers for Python products and support, has contributed Python and Django support for Cloud Foundry. They have also contributed other code related to their experience in creating Stackato, a Cloud Foundry-based enterprise software offering for creating a private PaaS.

PaaS start-up
Appfog (formerly PHP Fog) fresh-off attracting 20k PHP developers and $10M in venture funding this year is contributing PHP as a language to the Cloud Foundry project. They are also launching a new service,, based on the Cloud Foundry open source code, giving them outstanding experience working with both PHP and Cloud Foundry code.

Both companies will provide ongoing updates, direction and community engagement for their respective frameworks. These collaborations demonstrate the power of the Cloud Foundry Open PaaS approach to create a common cloud application platform that can be used by individual, enterprise, and ISV developers. In recognition of their contributions and commitments to the project, both companies have been designated Community Leads, as part of a new program to extend framework support with expert ecosystem partners.

We encourage others building on and with Cloud Foundry to join the conversation around language specific topics, contribute code, and consider becoming an ongoing community lead.

Appfog Launches as a Cloud Foundry based service

After two months of consideration, testing and joint architecture planning Appfog will be launching as a Cloud Foundry based, multi-tenant, hosted service. Their vision is to add value around the Cloud Foundry open source code base, eliminating duplication with best of breed open source functionality and maximizing their focus on additional features, a great UI and support experience. They will also be maintaining vmc client compatibility, so users of other Cloud Foundry services, deployments and micro clouds are only a “vmc target” command away from pushing applications to Appfog.

Get this high velocity PaaS startup’s take on their decision to use and contribute back to Cloud Foundry, and sign up for their beta today.

ActiveState Chose Cloud Foundry Over IaaS Approach

Several months ago, ActiveState started to build its cloud platform product from scratch. First they experimented with an AMI-based approach, then they tried basing the product on an open source IaaS project. But when Cloud Foundry came out in April, the team decided to switch gears entirely and base Stackato on the Cloud Foundry open source project in order to leverage an application vs. VM centric platform for their target customer: enterprise application developers. Introduced as developer preview in May, and now in Beta, Stackato is currently available as a VM image for developer testing. Instead of offering a PaaS service, ActiveState’s vision is to target enterprises demanding a private PaaS on top of vSphere. Check out their beta and provide feedback here.

Impact on

As with previous community code contributions such as Erlang these new frameworks will initially only be available in the project and the products that deploy and manage it.

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-The Cloud Foundry Team

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