Now Available in the PWS Marketplace

November 7, 2014 Eli Aleyner, a service that allows developers to instantly setup geo-distributied broadcast networks to transmit video and audio content, is now available in the PWS store.

Cine optimizes the video content for the consuming platform by transcoding it to the most appropriate format. Using customers don’t need to re-send the same bits of audio/video to each subscriber, which is very bandwidth intensive on the transmitter. The platform also allows easy cloud capture and storage of the video content for later playback or archival.

Thomas Shafer, a co-founder of described the new offering as a win for agile developers supporting video, citing: “PWS is an important distribution channel for Our users expect instant global scalability in their video applications, and PWS has the momentum in providing backend services for enterprise level global applications. The two together provide a robust cloud server infrastructure (PWS) and cloud video infrastructure ( to meet the needs of small, medium, large, and enterprise level applications.”

The scenarios that can be enabled with this integration between and PWS include:

  • Broadcasting from a mobile device
  • Remote home monitoring and archival for future playback
  • Remote broadcast of company meetings
  • Remote training is now available in the PWS Marketplace and can be provisioned and bound to an application instance through the PWS UI as well as the PWS CLI tools

To start using in your application you would need to parse the secret and private keys from VCAP_SERVICES (examples in multiple languages are available here)

Once is bound to an application. You can create new streams, publish streams and play live streams from others.

LiveStreaming content can be done with just a few lines :

var streamId = '<STREAM_ID>’
, password = '<STREAM_PASSWORD’
, domId = 'publisher-example’;

var publisher = CineIO.publish( streamId, password, domId );

To play a stream:

var streamId = '<STREAM_ID>’
, domId = 'player-example’;, domId);

You can start experimenting with by deploying a sample Ruby or Node application, and checking out the JS SDK.

We are excited to add new partners and looking forward to all the great applications you (our customers) will be able to create with PWS and

For full documentation to PWS documentation on and documentation

About the Author

Eli Aleyner

Eli is a senior product and alliances leader at Pivotal, currently leading Pivotal's alliance with Microsoft. Previously Eli lead product and engineering teams at Pivotal, Microsoft, Amazon and funded startups.

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