Cedar vs. Xcode 4 (round one: the command line)

April 19, 2011 Adam Milligan

I’ve finally found a bit of time to update Cedar to work with Xcode 4, and I hope to have it working smoothly some time in the next few days. However, I’ve already come across my first significant issue with the Xcode 4 changes: the location of build products.

Not unexpectedly, the problem has to do with command line builds using xcodebuild. By default, Xcode 4 now puts build products into a project-specific directory in the “Derived Data” folder; this looks something like /Users/pivotal/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Cedar-somegianthashstring/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/libCedar-StaticLib.a. This isn’t a problem, generally, because the BUILD_DIR compiler variable contains the build directory, should you need to find this location during the build process.

Sadly, when you build from the command line, using the xcodebuild command, the build products still go into the old Xcode 3 build location, but the BUILD_DIR compiler variable contains the new Xcode 4 build directory. This means any script that looks for the build results in the directory specified by BUILD_DIR won’t find anything.

The build target for Cedar’s static framework is simply a script that uses xcodebuild to build the static library for both the simulator and the device, and then uses lipo to make a fat binary from the results. Because it can’t find the build results at the location specified by BUILD_DIR it now fails messily.

The easiest workaround I’ve found is to change where build products go using the Locations setting in the Xcode 4 preferences (details below). Unfortunately, this isn’t a project-specific setting, so you’ll have to change your preferences similarly to make it work. I haven’t found any problems with changing the location of the build products, but this does mean the Cedar static framework (as well as the related static frameworks for OCHamcrest and OCMock) won’t build with the default settings. Unsatisfying.

The longer term solution is for Apple to act on the bug I filed. We’ll see how that goes.

UPDATE: Thanks to Christian Niles for pointing out the SYMROOT environment variable in a pull request. Setting this for command line builds forces Xcode to use the specified location for all build products, and updates the BUILD_DIR compiler variable.

Steps for changing the build location in Xcode 4:

  • Open Xcode preferences (Command-,)
  • Select the “Locations” tab
  • Change the “Build Location” drop down from “Place build products in derived data location” to “Place build products in locations specified by targets.”

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