Caramel and Building Social by Default: General Assembly × Extreme Startups, Future Insights, NXNEi BUILD, MobileDevTO

September 4, 2012 Boris Chan

In the past months I’ve been presenting our work in making mobile experiences social by default. These talks add to what Farhan showed at TEDxToronto when he demoed some of our initial R&D work on the future of smartphones. This has since evolved into a full mobile experience on Android called Caramel. We’ll be talking more about Caramel soon.

In the mean time, here’s a deck on what I presented at the General Assembly × Extreme Startups event, which goes along the same lines as my talks at Future Insights, NXNEi Build, and MobileDevTO. Enjoy!

I’ll be doing an updated version of this talk at FITC SCREENS and an Android-tailored talk on how to build great apps that are social by default at AndroidTO. See you there!

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