Can Data Science Revitalize the Music Industry?

July 16, 2012 Paul M. Davis

You don’t have to work in the music business (though I did in another life,) to know that the industry is experiencing significant disruption due to digital distribution, file-sharing, and any number of other technology-related factors. Whatever your take on the reasons for the industry’s problems, the industry is in need of some new ideas. Can the future of the music business be found through data science? That’s the idea behind the Music Data Science Hackathon on Saturday, July 21st in London:

You’ll be presented with a music business challenge. You’ll be provided with a large music dataset. You will have to apply your data science skills and knowledge to solve the problem. Best analytical/predictive model wins.

The challenge: “can you predict if a listener will love a new song?” Provided access to a large music industry dataset, competitors will be challenged to create a predictive algorithm that can determine whether a listener likes a song given their demographics. Competitors will have free access to EMC/Greenplum Hadoop and Database Community editions and other Greenplum analytical tools. If you’re in London, think you’re up to the task, want to meet fellow music and data geeks, or simply have an eye on the £6,000 in cash prizes, signup for the hackathon on Eventbrite.

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