Camp Interactive Visits Pivotal Labs NYC

July 17, 2014 Tami Reiss

There are many programs that help high school kids learn how to code. Camp Interactive is a local non-profit that is inspiring the next generation of tech leaders in underserved communities. Today, they visited Pivotal Labs NYC to see product development in action.

After getting a brief tour of our drink and play areas, they watched how Pivots pair to deliver stories. The students learned about team collaboration and the importance of working together to solve problems.

Then, one of our designers chatted with them about the design process around thinking about how a product would be used and user testing. They even got to dot vote on a design of a new character for one of our projects!

Finally, Robbie Clutton chatted with them about his experience discovering computer science and studying it in university. His biggest piece of advice for them for their upcoming week of learning to build applications in Montauk:

Don’t get too frustrated if something doesn’t work. Take a break to think it through and ask for help. The answer is out there and the problem is probably simple.

Aside from questions about learning to code and the Pivotal process, the most common question was, “Are you hiring?” :)

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