BYO Spring Boot Apps: Tanzu Observability for Free, No Sign-up Needed

May 6, 2020 Stela Udovicic

There are many tools that Spring Boot developers currently employ to monitor their Spring Boot applications. Many utilize open source, or use commercially available off-the-shelf monitoring tools. Often the process of setting up monitoring is tedious and complex.

With that in mind, the Tanzu Observability team has collaborated with the Spring Boot community and is happy to announce that a free Tanzu Observability offering—which includes Wavefront for Spring Boot Starter (with support for Spring Boot 2.3.0)—is now available, with no sign-up or commercial license needed.

With this free Tanzu Observability offering that includes Wavefront for Spring Boot Starter, developers get full application observability, delivered with free metrics, distributed traces, histograms, and span logs. The free offering includes:

  • Five days of data retention 
  • Up to 50 points per second (pps) of metrics
  • Up to 25 spans per second (sps) of distributed traces, including OpenTracing and Sleuth support
  • Up to 10 distributions per second (dps) of histograms (distributions)
  • A 30-day free trial invitation for full-featured Tanzu Observability by Wavefront 

Check out the Tanzu Observability by Wavefront docs or go to GitHub to get started in less than 2 minutes. Check out this demo:

Our goal with the free offering is to bring the power of Tanzu Observability, which is used by tens of thousands of developers at leading enterprises such as Lyft, Reddit, and Workday, to the Spring Boot community.

Key differentiators

With our Spring Boot offering, developers get instant value, reduce their dependency on other teams, and are empowered to innovate instead of spending precious cycles maintaining siloed monitoring tools. Using our standards-based approach, which leapfrogs traditional application performance monitoring, developers can:

1. Accelerate code development with instant code insight

  • RED (Request, Error, Duration) metrics are provided without the huge costs or APM vendor lock-in associated with traditional APM tooling.
  • Distributed tracing with service maps helps developers alleviate microservices communications bottlenecks. 
  • Histograms or distributions to enable developers to accurately measure and resolve latency issues, which is highly useful for pinpointing long-tail services latency.
  • In-context span logs within traces, which are free, which means that developers don’t need to browse through logging tools.

2. Troubleshoot and resolve code issues much faster

  • Developers can use built-in correlation to identify where the issue is within their application, Kubernetes platform, PaaS layer (TAS/PAS/PCF), or elsewhere.
  • By using our analytics-driven custom metrics, developers can measure what matters most to them. 

3. Optimize code to meet SLOs 

  • Developers can understand and meet their SLO goals by using our out-of-the-box or build-your-own dashboards. 
  • They can collaborate with other teams and share real-time insights into deployment rollouts from development to production.
  • They can get instant visibility into potential infrastructure disruptions caused by their code deployments.

The above are just a few key differentiators. Please see Pontus Rydin’s (@prydin) deep dive blog and Josh Long’s (@starbuxman) community blog post for additional details. To discover more Tanzu Observability by Wavefront capabilities for your application environments and beyond, take the Wavefront for Spring Boot offering for a spin.

About the Author

Stela Udovicic

Stela Udovicic (@stela_udo) is a Director of Product Marketing at VMware leading Tanzu Observability by Wavefront PMM team. Before VMware, while at Wavefront, as Sr. Director, Product Marketing, she led Product, Solutions and Partner Marketing. Before Wavefront, Stela led Product Marketing for Splunk's DevOps, IT Ops, storage, and networking solutions. Stela holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering. She has presented at many major conferences, including Splunk.conf, VMworld, DevOps Days, Cisco Live, RSA, Monitorama, PuppetConf, NetApp Insight, etc.

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