By The Numbers: A Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 Recap

May 19, 2015 Stacey Schneider


sfeatured-CFSummitJust 110 days after the formation of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the newly minted organization pulled off an amazing Cloud Foundry Summit. With over 50% growth in attendance over last year, the event this year took over the Santa Clara Convention Center May 11th and May 12th.

Certainly, we have some bias, but this event has grown a reputation as a stand-out event in Silicon Valley, showcasing dramatic innovation completed at impressive speeds—all powered by the Cloud Foundry platform. Ten Pivotal customers spoke at the event, sharing story after story of how they cut development time from 18 months to minutes, how they turned around their business because they went all in on becoming a digital enterprise, and how they are dreaming up fantastical business ventures–including commuter trips to Mars.

The media picked up on the excitement as well, with coverage from the likes of Forbes, Fortune, InformationWeek, and the Wall Street Journal, among others. Notably, Dell announced expansion of their Digital Business Services portfolio to include Pivotal Cloud Foundry, GE introduced the Industrial Internet Dojo, and J.P. Morgan Chase joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Cloud Foundry Summit by the Numbers

  • 1,570 registered attendees, an increase of over 50% from last year. The event was so well attended that 300 people stood in the back for the kick off keynotes.
  • 10 Fortune 500 companies spoke about their digital transformation with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • 20+ Pivotal customers and team members presented, all listed below, with customers recounting success stories that have now spanned years.
  • 95 submissions were made to present at Cloud Foundry Summit, with 28 presentations accepted.
  • 31 companies sponsored the event.
  • 5000+ tweets were sent, and there were over 1 million Twitter impressions.
  • 1st Diversity Luncheon was held, with over 125 women in attendance. Check out the video from the diversity luncheon.

30 Tweets from Cloud Foundry Summit:

Out of over 5000 tweets, here are 30 that help paint a picture of the event.

  1. @bernardgolden: Think @sramji kickoff keynote reinforced my perspective he was exactly right choice for foundation CEO. #cfsummit
  2. @sramji: Cloud Foundry Haiku from @onsijoe ”Here is my source code, Run it on the cloud for me, I do not care how”
  3. @SteveEgart: Top 100 Quotes from the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015
  4. @jmckenty: “If you take cloud foundry away from us, we will hurt you.”—developer at @18F, as reported by @dlapiduz #cfsummit
  5. ‏@r_arni: “Shift in thinking” Comcast just gets it. Get apps and not VMs.
  6. @LawrenceByrd: Comcast uses everything at #cfsummit—@pivotalcf @CloudFoundry + #Docker + #OpenStack
  7. @SMC_on_IoT: #IoT requires PaaS to Re-use components amongst diverse apps. Siki Giunta @Verizon #cfsummit #cloudminds—#truedat IoT $$ needs modularity!
  8. @saurabhguptasg: #cfsummit Siki Giunta from .@Verizon gives an amazing ROI analysis of #PaaS: enable workloads rather than basic IaaS
  9. @JohanDenHaan: GE is building the industrial Internet on top of Cloud Foundry and contributing “Industrial Protocols” #cfsummit
  10. @samcharrington: Monsanto & Corelogic case studies at #cfsummit were a couple of best I’ve seen on PaaS. Great detail & discussion of issues, promise.
  11. @mdcunha: Lockheed Martin uses #CloudFoundry to meet challenges in #Agile, #Mobile and #Analytics. #CFSummit
  12. @antonmc: Big theme from #cfsummit was #nimble transformation of traditional business—by companies like @Garmin, @kroger—eye opening!
  13. @LozCrowther: @cloudfoundry and @SpringCloudOSS have provided a new opportunity to @Garmin #CFSummit
  14. @researchgoddess: True! RT @wattersjames: This is the moment in the talk where you realize that @AZitney is the John Wayne of CIOs #cfsummit
  15. @wattersjames: Boom! @kitcolbert drops the news VMware is contributing a Photon OS stemcell to @cloudfoundry—this will be a game changer #cfsummit
  16. @cdavisafc: “Two people built the app and got it into the AppStore in 5 weeks” some born on the web tech startup? Nope—@Humana @cloudfoundry #cfsummit
  17. @DanielKrook: Innovation is critical because insurance is prime for disruption. #CFSummit
  18. Regehr ‏@jonathanregehr: The concept of a release is outdated.—Jeroen van Rotterdam #cfsummit #cfsummit2015
  19. ‏@zivdai: IBM #Bluemix is the largest Cloud Foundry cluster in the world—growing at 8,000 new developers a week. #CFSummit
  20. @Hpattipati: Whole new appreciation for #DevOps #Microservices, Continuous Delivery after first day at #cfsummit
  21. ‏@drnic: “Companies started to realise: Google/Netflix aren’t different from them, they are the future.” @wattersjames #cfsummit
  22. ‏@RyanWallner: Spring cloud now includes Netflix OSS #cfsummit #cfsummit2015
  23. ‏@TNarsana: Cooperating on #PaaS interoperability and competing on execution is the @cloudfoundry way. #cfsummit
  24. ‏‏@shyamvaran: Lessons learnt on #PCF. Platform upgrades were very easy #CFSummit #CoreLogic
  25. ‏@LawrenceByrd: Fascinating @CoreLogicInc case study #cfsummit From hundreds of disparate platforms to a common @CloudFoundry future
  26. ‏@mattjcurry: Intel has given a lot of thought to securing CF. Talk is awesome. We share a lot of the same views. #cfsummit
  27. ‏@jdsboston: @DanielKrook @littleidea kroger adoption with devs is so enthusiastic theyR throttling internal users back #CFSummit
  28. ‏@LozCrowther: Standing room only for @mstine ‘s talk on Microservices #cfsummit
  29. ‏@duncanjw: Next up @ahtweetin and @robert_g_moss talking about brokering cloud foundry services with Apache Brooklyn #cfsummit
  30. ‏@davebart: GE Aviation can generate 50 petabytes a day and now we are able to handle data ingestion at that rate #CFSummit

Recommended Blogs from Cloud Foundry Summit:

A Few Media Quotes from Cloud Foundry Summit

  • InformationWeek: GE Prepares For Industrial Internet With Cloud Foundry quoted Harel Kodesh, CTO of GE Software, as saying, “When you realize the intensity and volume of data—petabytes and petabytes—it dwarfs the consumer internet.”
  • Fortune: Reinventing software development isn’t easy, but Cloud Foundry is trying quoted Andrew Clay Shafer, Senior Director of Technology at Pivotal, saying, “Most enterprises have developed systems that are difficult and expensive to deploy and operate, where cloud-native companies have invested in automation and architectures to make those problems go away.”
  • The Wall Street Journal: J.P. Morgan Chase Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation in Automation Push and says, “Using the Cloud Foundry platform, J.P. Morgan developers can access, via their computers, compute, storage, messaging, or database software, irrespective of the vendor brand, version, or configuration. Cloud Foundry software will help J.P. Morgan developers access database and other applications as automatically provisioned services. ‘That gives us the flexibility we need without getting locked into a vendor,’ and without the hassle of reconfiguring software, he said. In a test, the bank provisioned two transaction processing apps onto Cloud Foundry software in half a day.”

Pivotal Videos from Cloud Foundry Summit:

Here are the the videos from the Cloud Foundry Summit, that includes Pivotal customer and team presentations.

  1. Deploying Microservice Architectures with Cloud Foundry—Matt Stine
  2. Running Cloud Foundry at Comcast—Neville George, Sam Guerrero, Tim Leong, Sergey Matochkin
  3. Devops, microservices and platforms, oh my!—Andrew Clay Shafer
  4. Rocking the Lattice: A New Path for Cloud Foundry Applications—James Bayer, Colin Humphreys
  5. Cloud Foundry Diversity Lunch & Program—Malini Bhandaru, Sheryl Chamberlain, Cornelia Davis, Eileen Evans, Abby Kearns, Rachel Reinitz, Robin Hauser, Reynolds
  6. A Developer’s Perspective on Cloud Foundry Operations: One Month in the Trenches—Cornelia Davis
  7. CF Service Brokers Updates: Async provisions, service keys, and any params—Michael Maximilien, David Sabeti
  8. Keynote: Welcome to the Cloud Native Enterprise—James Watters and Joshua McKenty
  9. Diego Update—Onsi Fakhouri
  10. Leaving Your Comfort Zone—Garmin & Cloud Foundry—Alex Curtis, Brandon Henry, Jonathan Regehr
  11. Why we Picked CF as the Basis for our Public Cloud Multi-Tenant Platform—Michael Root, Jeroen van Rotterdam
  12. Resource Management Ecosystem and Cloud Foundry—A Review of the State of the Art—Raghvender Arni
  13. Data Science on Cloud Foundry—Ian Huston, Alexander Kagoshima
  14. Next steps in the Cloud Foundry API and why…—James Myers, Zach Robinson, Luan Santos
  15. Keynote: Developing the Freedom to Disrupt—Andy Zitney
  16. Lessons Learned from Corelogic’s Year of Agile Development with Cloud Foundry—Richard Leurig
  17. The Road to Persistence on Cloud Foundry Diego—Caleb Miles, Ted Young
  18. The start of Kroger’s Journey to Cloud Foundry—James Masters, Ted Tollefson
  19. Deploying Microservice Architectures with Cloud Foundry—Matt Stine
  20. Keynote: User Spotlight: Managing Cultural Transformation at Lockheed Martin—Kevin Carlson, Christine Chesnick, Cecil Miller
  21. Keynote: Cloud Foundry for the Internet of (Really Important) Things—Harel Kodesh

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