Build Newsletter: Containers, Mobile Apps, App Design, Data & Scale – December 2014

December 15, 2014 Gregory Chase

featured-buildThis month is the inaugural edition of Build, the monthly newsletter from Pivotal that provides a snapshot of the most relevant news and trends for developers and architects.

This month, we find that containers have broken out of their containment as the hottest news topic with moves from Amazon and Docker as well as Pivotal and CoreOS Rockets. We look at the latest news in mobile app development with a lesson about the need for scale from Best Buy, and explore some interesting use cases, techniques and releases. Lots of interesting news in app design including the intriguing idea that technology might be better if it could work without constantly nagging for the user’s attention. Lastly, we explore the importance of building for scale, how cloud has changed the economics of apps at scale, and how data-driven apps can perhaps save industries such as journalism.

Featured: Containers

Containers were the hottest topic across the software industry this past month, with key players making big moves to address the topic. Amazon announced a free EC2 container service that is a simpler and easier way of scheduling and maintaining Docker containers, breaking from the path that Google and Microsoft are on where Kubernetes orchestration is supported. CoreOS, with the support of Pivotal, highlighted how Docker has possibly become too many things and published Rockets as a more focused way to create a POSIX, portable operating system interface, equivalent for containers.

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Mobile Development

With so many customer touchpoints being delivered via mobile, it is now mission critical to customer experience, and failing to scale can cost sales, as Best Buy found out on Black Friday. At the same time, mobile product leaders are looking more towards loyalty and retargeting as where the puck is headed and, as we highlight, considering numerous ways to improve their mobile apps, like with unbundling. Wearables and IoT industries continue to evolve with Apple Watch Dev Kit and a reflection on building IoT standards to work better than RFID standards.

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App Design

We heard some interesting insights recently on the important collaboration between design and technology as well as users and designers. Perhaps the future of application design leads to a place where apps work with us more symbiotically or consuming less of our attention—disappearing, not nagging us, and using natural language processing.

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Data & Scale

While a humorous retrospective is always fun, you can’t appreciate cloud economics unless you look back at history to compare the old and new models to see infrastructure begin to look like software for incremental cost. Adding this to open source economics really underscores what is happening in today’s world and how far we have to go in terms of scale. In addition, we are seeing companies like GE achieve the economics they envisioned for the industrial internet. Maybe data-driven apps at scale can even save fields like journalism that are under threat from digital transformation.

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About the Author

Greg Chase is an enterprise software business leader more than 20 years experience in business development, marketing, sales, and engineering with software companies. Most recently Greg has been focused on building the community and ecosystem around Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal Cloud Foundry as part of the Global Ecosystem Team at Pivotal. His goal is to to help create powerful solutions for Pivotal’s customers, and drive business for Pivotal’s partners. Greg is also a wine maker, dog lover, community volunteer, and social entrepreneur.

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