Build Newsletter: Cloud Is Killing It

February 17, 2016 Gregory Chase

sfeatured-buildBuild Newsletter is moving to a shorter, weekly format—this week we are focusing in on the latest in Cloud Native platforms. According to Forbes, PaaS adoption is on the rise for 2016, with Amazon Web Services leading the public PaaS market and Pivotal ‘killing it’ in the private. Though, talk to anyone running their apps on Pivotal Cloud Foundry + AWS, and they’ll tell you that’s actually killing it right now!

The ‘coolest’ news of the week goes to Microsoft, who is putting the cloud in the ocean. Discovery reported on their research regarding submersible data centers, which will basically have access to free cooling and tidal power generation from the ocean depths, mirroring Green PaaS concepts.

With regards to talent, LinkedIn says cloud and distributed computing continues to be the top recruiting category around the world—for all of 2015 and going into 2016. Recent surveys, such as this one with over 1000 technology managers, also show that the greatest cloud challenge is finding or training people who can fill cloud roles. However, we know that it isn’t just about the right talent. We have to change our philosophies about software development and discipline ourselves to take on standard operating procedures like small, batch releases.

As the Cloud Foundry Foundation wraps its first year, some seriously spectacular growth has been highlighted. 2100 contributors and 33,400 members from 48 countries have seen to it that $455 million in shared development investments have been made. Its no wonder Cloud Foundry shows a job spike on trends.

On the Pivotal Cloud Foundry side, our reach is growing as well as Cisco announced this week they will be an active part of the Pivotal Cloud Foundry family.

Every company in every industry is following the path to the cloud, in part, because every major software vendor is. For example, SAP shared some insights with the Cloud Foundry Foundation and 451 Research about the types of use cases they see their customers employing Cloud Foundry in their HANA Cloud Platform offering—extending the core SAP and SaaS applications with new capabilities, integrating these solutions (in the cloud), and building brand new innovations. It’s amazing to see continuous integration is permeating even the “heavy iron” of enterprise IT. For you SAP ecosystem folks, here’s a good introduction about how the way building and releasing is software changing is changing for the better. Now if we can just get ERP enhancement packs to work like CI.

In terms of major vendor and analyst news, Alibaba is working with Nvidia to take on Amazon and other cloud vendors, stating that they will invest $1B during the next decade and focus on deep learning and high performance computing. In support of this strategic bet on advanced analytics, IDG recently published a report covering cloud analytics. It states that 74% of respondents expect to adopt a hybrid or cloud-only approach to analytics over the next three years. Talkin’ Cloud reported a major shift in security perceptions, with 64.9 percent of respondents trust the cloud as much or more than their on-premise solutions. Google is now pushing Google Cloud Functions, which is in alpha and expects to support serverless computing and complement their app, compute, and container engines. Some analysts believe Apple will withdraw from using Amazon Web Services while we see companies like Netflix have just completed their migration to Amazon. As well, Docker bought Unikernal Systems and CoreOS launched Rkt 1.0.

About the Author

Greg Chase is an enterprise software business leader more than 20 years experience in business development, marketing, sales, and engineering with software companies. Most recently Greg has been focused on building the community and ecosystem around Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal Cloud Foundry as part of the Global Ecosystem Team at Pivotal. His goal is to to help create powerful solutions for Pivotal’s customers, and drive business for Pivotal’s partners. Greg is also a wine maker, dog lover, community volunteer, and social entrepreneur.

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