BrandPower: Helping You Buy Better via Mobile

January 13, 2012 Pivotal Labs

As a society we are becoming more and more reliant on the insight gained from consumer-reviewed products. Word-of-mouth is making a comeback in this digital age now that the entire marketplace is connected.

Brand Power’s collaboration with Xtreme Labs has brought together word-of-mouth and the digital age in the form of the Brand Power app for iPhone!

The Brand Power iPhone app lets you create and organize a shopping list, review and rate products, win prizes, and learn more about featured brands. It’s simple to use and helps make everyday shopping easier!

Shopping List & Scanner Using the shopping list feature is very interactive, and it never lets you forget the milk! Not only can you remind yourself, you can remind others too. If you are worried your sister will forget she’s bringing the appetizer for Christmas, send her a list by email just in case!

What makes the shopping list even more interactive is its built-in scanner that you can use to scan the UPC barcodes of products directly from your pantry. You can also use the scanner for Brand Power’s monthly Scan & Win promotions. If you scan each of their Featured Brands once per month at the store, each scan enters you into a draw for a monthly prize.

Brand Power Having brand information available in one place is changing the way that we shop. With the current state of supermarket shelves being oversaturated with dozens of brand names, it is hard to determine which one you will choose. Using the Brand Power app you can learn more about each product through the Featured Brands page. If you want to learn more about a Featured Brand there is either a Medifacts page or Brand Power page associated with it. Medifacts pages are reserved for healthcare products, while Brand Power pages are for all the rest of your favorite products.

New Product Watch Thinking of switching up your usual haul at the grocery store? Try out the New Product Watch feature that recommends new products. Each product has a picture, some key features, and may have a link to learn more or share your review.

Learn & Win Just to sweeten the deal even further, the Brand Power app has the chance to win great prizes and promo deals via their “Learn & Win” quizzes. Answer short questions about some of their Featured Brands for a chance to win cash, an LCD TV, spa days and more.
Brand Power is not only helping us “Buy Better”, but also more easily. To download the latest version for free, visit the iTunes store now!

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