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October 14, 2014 Veronica Orzechowski

Boston Pizza recently released its mobile ordering app for iOS in conjunction with the launch of a new digital loyalty program called ‘MyBP’. Boston Pizza guests are now able to order online quickly and easily for either pick up or delivery. Guests can also create highly customized orders with the app while storing their favourite menu items and preferences for a superior experience.

“Our guests are increasingly motivated by better food and restaurant experiences and mobile has become the priority for us to unlock new sources of guest utility and value. This recent launch is a great representation of this strategy and Pivotal was central to helping us realize this success,” says Alex Green, VP Marketing for Boston Pizza. With the launch of MyBP, guests are able to subscribe, order online and take advantage of communications, offers and rewards that are increasingly personalized to the individual.

With guests placing a big premium on convenience for online ordering, the App also celebrates a new Express Menu that allows users to repeat orders very quickly by saving whole orders, often with just a few button taps. Guests can also customize their favourite items and save them for easy ordering in the future. All of which is designed to make ordering increasingly frictionless.

Pivotal Labs built the technical infrastructure of the app to enable it to utilize real-time analytics to personalize offers and identify restaurant locations that are close to the guest. With built-in GPS and an integrated location-based menu on mobile, guests are able to take advantage of the features of the app for a seamless experience.

Design is also a key element for a successful mobile app and Pivotal Labs designers ensured a flawless user experience from easy-to-navigate menus to effortless checkout and payment options for orders. “This project pushed the boundaries in terms of the complexity and number of partner integrations to enable the functionality our guest’s demand. We are grateful to have found such a talented group of companies to work with on our future vision,” reinforced Alex Green.

The experts at Pivotal Labs can help you turn your mobile vision into a successful strategy for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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