Boolean Search in Tracker: And, Or & More

December 18, 2013 Joanne Webb


To finish our recent round of Search updates, you can now refine searches, using AND, OR, a minus sign to exclude items, and use combinations of all search options in Tracker.

Full details of all the ways you can search are in the FAQ, but here are a few examples:

Want to find everything with one label or another that haven’t yet been started?
(label:design OR label:”needs discussion”) AND (state:unstarted OR state:unscheduled)

Perhaps you’d like to find all stories without attachments and with particular words in their titles:
-has:attachment (name:browsing OR name:search)

As well as using the search field in Tracker’s UI, all of the recently added advanced search syntax, including boolean expressions, is available using the API, via the Search endpoint.

Hope you enjoy all the new ways you can find your stories in Tracker!

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