Big Data Suite Gets Big Props From Customers, Partners

October 16, 2014 Stacey Schneider

featured-BDS-ravesJust over 6 months after launching Pivotal Big Data Suite (BDS), Pivotal customers and partners are rallying significant endorsements for how the new consumption model for Pivotal big data products is working for them. As one of the fastest growing new product offerings in the Pivotal portfolio, this is a ringing endorsement that the technology maturity as well as the consumption model is hitting the sweet spot for customers and partners alike.

On the technology side, this is not entirely surprising. BDS assembles 3 major types of analytical data stores—massively parallel processing, in-memory data grid and Apache Hadoop®—into one SKU. Based on market leading Greenplum and GemFire technologies, the first two provide proven technology solutions that have been servicing some of the largest bid data projects on the planet, including all of the top 10 leading financial institutions as well as some of the more significant big data stories this year like scaling the world’s largest train system, China Railways Corporation. Apache Hadoop® distribution melds the Greenplum HAWQ technology into it to add super-fast SQL processing capabilities that have been proven to speed queries by as much as 318x.

Combine this with a consumption model that allows companies to swap licenses at will to use the right products for the right job, with no negotiation or paperwork, and allow for unlimited data storage in Apache Hadoop®, and you have a recipe for success: Companies are empowered to use a set of proven products that work together; enjoy top-tier support from one vendor; and, are encouraged, versus penalized, to collect and use more data for even more competitive advantage.

In this week of big data stories encouraged by this week’s Strata + Hadoop® World, check out what Pivotal customer’s and partners have come forward to share on Pivotal Big Data Suite:

Customer Quotes

“At Aridhia, we’re using Pivotal technology to underpin AnalytiXagility, our next generation cloud based collaborative data safe haven. A healthcare and research data safe haven needs to facilitate collaborative analytics on many linked data sets including, phenotype, genotype, imaging and sensor data for example. Pivotal’s approach to an integrated data fabric where Apache Hadoop®, SQL and subsequently in-memory data can all be managed within the same platform has helped Aridhia accelerate the deployment of AnalytiXagility. The analytic use cases we are deploying range from rare disease research, industrialising of the sequencing pipeline, development of risk stratification applications for use at the bedside to city wide health data challenge days.” —Rodrigo Barnes, CTO, Aridhia

“Pivotal really has changed the economics of big data with their Pivotal Big Data Suite. As we move to combine all the data generated by our activity and to leverage advanced analytics in real time, there’s no better way to do that than through the flexibility and choice provided by Pivotal’s Big Data Suite. ” —Sylvain LeBorgne, EVP Data Platforms, Havas Media Group

“Pivotal has advanced the effectiveness of foundational big data technologies, such as Apache Hadoop®, by addressing existing business processes and data management challenges. As we develop our next generation of strategic solutions, Pivotal’s toolset enables an important balance of scale and economics.” —Joe Rostock, Chief Technology Officer, Inovalon

“Qrious, a division of Spark, formerly Telecom New Zealand Ltd, is driving forward a new business model allowing companies to better leverage data, turning insights into action and unlock a projected $15 Billion of new economic opportunity in New Zealand. Pivotal provides a comprehensive suite of products and services that allows us to offer a world class data, analytics and applications platform. For us, Pivotal’s differentiator was that it could meet the vast majority of our use cases with its product set.” —Ed Hyde, CEO, Qrious

Partner Quotes

“Pivotal has really disrupted the commercial license model. By switching to a subscription model we are now able to leverage commercial software using the sort of pricing approach normally associated only with open source technologies. This is dramatically reducing the costs to businesses. This is why we chose Pivotal Big Data Suite licensing when creating our own Pivotal on-demand environment for customers as it means we can be flexible with the technologies used and adapt as our customers needs change.” —Steve Jones, Director of Strategy for Big Data, Capgemini

“Pivotal Big Data Suite gives companies unlimited use of Hadoop and accelerates the industry transition away from silos towards enterprise-scale data lakes. The unique capabilities in Pivotal Big Data Suite complement perfectly Platfora’s Hadoop-native end-to-end architecture that massively accelerate time-to-value from raw data for everyday business analysts.” —Ben Werther, CEO and Founder, Platfora

“The simplified pricing model and flexibility built into the Pivotal Big Data Suite is a great benefit to data users in an enterprise. Our Zaloni Bedrock data management platform works hand-in-hand with Pivotal HD by significantly reducing the time spent and costs associated with data management and data preparation removing one of the most common barriers to realizing business value from a Hadoop® Data Lake.” —Ben Sharma, Principal, Zaloni

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