Better Project Integration with RubyMine's Tool Windows

May 27, 2013 Jared Carroll

RubyMine’s tool windows integrate common development tasks such as searching, debugging, and version control, into the IDE. This eliminates context switching to external tools, providing a more fluid development experience. In this post, we’ll look at some common commands for managing tool windows in RubyMine on OS X.

Opening and Closing Tool Windows

Each tool window is given a number. They can be opened or closed with command + <number>, e.g., by default, the Project tool window is given command + 1.

tool window shortcuts

Opened tool windows are located on the bottom and sides of the IDE.

Navigating Between Tool Windows

To navigate between opened tool windows, first open the Switcher with control + tab. Then continue holding down control and press the number of a specific tool window.


While holding down control, use option to move between the Switcher’s two columns.

Navigating Between Tool Windows and the Editor

Press esc in a tool window to move focus to the editor. Use F12 to move focus back to the tool window.

Closing Tool Windows

Close tool windows with command + w. Use shift + esc in a tool window to close it and move focus to the editor.

Close all opened tool windows and move focus to the editor with command + shift + F12. Press it again to re-open the tool windows.

Don’t Sell Your IDE Short

Many developers insist of performing certain tasks outside their IDE. Perhaps they fear losing skills they’ve heavily invested in. For certain exceptional situations, e.g., debugging production, it’s important to know how to do these tasks without an IDE. But when it comes to day-to-day development, embrace your IDE and experiment with a new way of doing old things.

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