Better Cloud Monitoring for MSPs

April 23, 2019 Rob Markovich

Digital transformation now impacts all businesses. New business operating models make cloud services from AWS, Azure and Google an inescapable resource – and yet companies are often ill-equipped to successfully execute on a cloud strategy.

The bulk of digital transformations falter due to cloud competency gaps with people or process, as well as a lack of visibility of effectiveness across the full transformation project. What you don’t measure, you can’t improve – resulting in time and cost over-runs. In this regard, businesses need lots of help with cloud implementation, deployment, operations, and maintenance – in other words, pretty much with the full lifecycle of migration and service in the cloud. Even though businesses often want to migrate to a public platform via hybrid architectures, many don’t have the required hybrid structure in place.

This disconnect between enterprise cloud needs and capabilities creates a massive opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). MSPs help their business customers to focus on what they do best by offering cloud expertise for planning and designing architectures, building and migrating workloads, and operating and maintaining the environment. For all of this, MSP’s approach to full-stack cloud monitoring is essential. For their business customers, it’s the embodiment of, “We’ll run our business; you (the MSP) run the cloud operations, watch over our public and private environment, proactively monitor for problems, fix them before it affects our business, and report to us on overall health.”

Monitoring for Insights into Customers’ Digital Business

The aggregation of performance metrics across applications, containers, clouds, and infrastructure is the basis for value-adding analytics. Advanced analytics can lead to business insights. These insights are crucial for improving how you the MSP can improve cloud operations and how your customers improve their business. Advanced analytics can answer questions such as: Are there certain days or events that trigger higher customer sales? Are there service dependencies with unanticipated interconnected performance? Advanced analytics can enable you the MSP to introduce “Data Analytics as a Service”.

At the same time, custom dashboards empower you to provide your businesses customers both real-time and historical summaries of digital service performance and trends. As well, you can deliver to your customers’ executives a complete snapshot of digital business operations, as well as deeper dive dashboards to product and sales managers detailing their digital business health and performance. Your MSP cloud monitoring platform should also make it is easier for DevOps and developer teams to search and drill down from business service to specific underlying component and get a full-stack view at the probable, underlying root causes. This is possible when custom dashboards aren’t static, but instead are interactive, with highly granular views of both real-time and historical data.

In effect, demonstrating how you the MSP will do more to ensure your business customers’ digital services can be your winning edge, and the rationale for choosing your new cloud monitoring platform. If dashboards are not easy to customize, limited in analytics or unable to draw from a repository of full-stack data, then you’ll be hindered to differentiate in supporting smoother operation and growth of your customers’ digital business. Besides full-stack cloud monitoring and advanced cloud analytics capabilities, the Wavefront cloud monitoring platform also provides the flexibility to quickly and easily scale with all of your customers’ business growth, whether its hundreds or thousands of customers.

Case Study: Masterson Masters Monitoring for Cloud

An apt example of a successful MSP is Masterson Technology Ltd., a Hong Kong-based cloud MSP focusing on full-stack cloud application solutions running on containers and hybrid clouds. They’ve been recognized at the highest professional consulting partner levels by leading cloud companies such as AWS, VMware, Alibaba, Dell, and Pivotal. Masterson relies on Wavefront to provide their business customers with advanced analytics, insightful dashboards and smart alerting for easy consumption, and critical insights leading to business advantage.

Wavefront helps Masterson in three key ways:

  • To differentiate from commoditization – Masterson provides more than merely monitoring, it turns telemetry data into real-time actionable insights for its customers.
  • To get in front of new cloud-native technologies – Masterson uses monitoring as part of its consulting services to better optimize its customers’ workloads and align them with its customers’ business needs.
  • To lay the foundation to advanced automated analytics and AI/ML solutions – Masterson adds more value by providing business insights to its customers with automated add-on services.

Wavefront is Masterson’s unified monitoring and analytics platform for their business customers’ applications, Kubernetes/containers, public clouds, and private infrastructure.

Economically, Masterson also takes advantage of Wavefront’s unlimited number of user accounts and a pure data consumption-based pricing model. With Wavefront, Masterson can easily accommodate and scale with their business customers’ dynamic demand increases as their requirements change.

With Wavefront as its cloud monitoring partner, Masterson delivers managed SaaS services and cloud applications to leading customers: retailers like Chow Sang Sang, educational organizations like British Council, and entertainment providers like Ocean Park. In short, Masterson is successful because they understand cloud and container nuances, they understand application software packaging for their business customers, and are able to deliver the well-packaged SaaS services with pervasive manageability.

Cloud Monitoring Must Deliver Customer-Valued Differentiation

Businesses need to migrate to the cloud for digital transformation and modern application workloads. But many don’t have the competency to successfully migrate and manage hybrid clouds. Their cloud MSP partner can handle cloud complexities, freeing them up to optimize their business – in particular when armed with the insights derived from automated analytics that assure cloud operations and improves business decision making.

In meeting business customers’ needs with value differentiation, a cloud MSP needs a cloud monitoring platform that can add customizable value to each business customer, dynamically scale with their changing requirements and introduce new revenue streams based on analytics-driven insights.

If you are MSP, sign-up for Wavefront 30-day free trial, and learn how to automate your monitoring and analytics for your business customers. Wavefront is better cloud monitoring for MSPs.


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Rob Markovich leads Product and Technical Marketing for Wavefront by VMware, and was CMO for Wavefront before the VMware acquisition. He has over 15 years of experience with monitoring and analysis of applications and infrastructure, having started his career as a data center engineer at a Fortune 50 enterprise, and later as a co-founder/early employee for several technology startups that successfully exited via IPOs and M&A. His current interests revolve around the performance, reliability, and scale of cloud-native applications, services, and workloads.

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