Best Buy Remix C# library available

January 31, 2009 Pivotal Labs

Omar is on fire. Just a few days after publishing his Guide to creating a Google App Engine / Remix API / Facebook app, he’s released Remix.NET, a C# wrapper for the Best Buy Remix API.

Code sample:

Using Remix;

Product p = null;
    Server remix = new Server("username", "password");
    String filter = "iphone";
    String postalcode = "94102";
    String radius = "25";
    bool tersemode = true;
    int pagenum = 0;

    // Get all Hardgoods that match "iphone" in the name attribute and
    // are in stores in the 94102 area code in a 25 mile radius.
    // When "tersemode" is true, only return a handful of information.
    // (See method signature for details.)
    Products list = remix.GetHardGoods(filter, tersemode, pagenum, postalcode, radius);

    if (list.Count > 0) p = list[0];
catch (Exception e)
return p;

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