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December 30, 2008 Edward Hieatt

Kevin Matheny, Senior E-Biz Architect at Best Buy, has an excellent article
today on about Best Buy’s take on Agile software development and Best Buy’s experiences as a client of Pivotal Labs. As he mentions in the article, Pivotal Labs has been helping Best Buy build “Remix”, an API for the product catalog. Kevin describes the agile methods that Pivotal Labs uses and how they’ve helped with what he calls “Corporate Agility”, which he describes as “working components instead of complete solutions, expecting and responding to change instead of trying to eliminate it, and trust rather than control.” He also describes how Pivotal Tracker fits into Pivotal’s agile process:

For example, I recently added a story to the tracker for Remix that read simply “flag products as new if their start display date is less than 30 days in the past.” That’s all the up-front documentation needed for Pivotal Labs, a development company that specializes in agile software development, to code that function into Remix. Any additional information can be gathered in the daily 15-minute team meetings or in a longer follow-up if more time is required.

Thanks for the mention, Kevin, and we’re very glad that the project is proving to be successful. Pivot Steve Conover is at the helm.

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Edward Hieatt is Senior Vice President of Pivotal’s services organization. In this role, Edward is responsible for the strategy, execution, and business results of Pivotal's next-generation client services organization—Pivotal Labs. In addition, Edward is responsible for Pivotal's worldwide technical field and software subscription renewal organizations, which help clients adopt and become successful with Pivotal's products and services.

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