AWS Service Broker for VMware Tanzu Goes Live on Tanzu Network

July 15, 2020 Scott Kelly

Customers love Tanzu Application Service (TAS) because it allows them to get software to production faster. Many large enterprises, such as Comcast, Liberty Mutual, and BT, credit TAS with being instrumental in their transformation. Now, with the Amazon Web Services Service Broker for VMware Tanzu, available on the Tanzu Network, these same customers have easy, secure access to the most popular AWS services. They can use these services to help in application modernization efforts and to build new, differentiated applications from scratch. 

What is the AWS Service Broker for VMware Tanzu?

The AWSLabs AWS Service Broker is an open-source project built by AWS engineers using the industry standard Open Service Broker API specification. When deployed, development teams can bind AWS services to their applications running on TAS from within the platform. The Service Broker can be used for TAS running on AWS or an on-premise data center.  

TAS administrators have complete control over the provisioning of AWS services. Unique credentials are generated for every connection and can be rotated or revoked independently. 

Some of the key features provided by the broker include:

  • Service plans that build in best practices for high availability, encryption and data retention

  • Access to AWS CloudFormation templates that manage infrastructure and resources, and that build logic

  • Multi-account provisioning that allows development teams to take advantage of account-level segregation for project and cost management

  • The ability to provision into different AWS accounts based on the org/space that is calling the broker.

Considering a move to AWS?

If you are moving existing foundations to AWS, you may be eligible for rebates. Visit the Workload Migration Program page to get more details and find out if you qualify. 

Open source means limitless possibilities

Since the AWS Service Broker is open source, anyone can contribute in extending it, creating service templates, or simply raising issues under the Service Broker project. The Service Broker currently supports 26 of the most popular AWS services (see below), but the list is sure to grow as customers identify additional services needed to support their critical business applications and contribute those integrations back to the project. 

We look forward to seeing what the  community will contribute to help make TAS on AWS apps better.


About the Author

Scott Kelly

Scott is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront. Prior to Tanzu Observability, Scott spent 3 years as a product marketing manager for Dynatrace. He's an avid exerciser who's addicted to CrossFit (and the shoes).

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