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August 23, 2022 Colleen Green

There are a lot of sessions to choose from at VMware Explore, which is great! But it can also be overwhelming. Many topics span multiple tracks, which can make scheduling a cumbersome task. If you’re looking for more information on ways to reduce your time to value with Tanzu and get your teams leveled up on Kubernetes, we’ve got some recommendations for you! 

Modernizing operations and application development with Kubernetes  

Companies that want to modernize their application development and IT operations organizations are adopting Kubernetes at a rapid pace. And while VMware Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations provide exceptional capabilities to meet business challenges, getting started with these platforms can be daunting.  

survey of VMware customers showed that the most significant hurdle to getting Kubernetes up and running and adopting a modern application development platform is skill gaps in development and engineering teams. You may find that you are in a similar boat with engineers scratching their heads on how to employ these new technologies. Your team may need guidance getting your new Tanzu platform installed, integrated, and configured into your environment. So, where is an organization to find help navigating the challenges of adopting Kubernetes and building out a platform to run applications in production at scale? Why not turn to the experts? Tanzu Labs helps customers adopt Kubernetes while enabling teams to run and manage platforms at scale and rapidly migrate applications to their new platform. 

Speed your adoption of Tanzu with VMware Tanzu Labs 

VMware Tanzu Activation Services are engagements designed to get your new Tanzu platform quickly installed, integrated, and configured into your environment while providing your engineers with the skills to run and manage the platform. Additionally, because applications are what generate value for organizations, we’ll work side by side with you to migrate your first application to the platform. The goal is to generate a feedback loop with developers and demonstrate the platform’s value through an application running in production. With Tanzu Activation Services, you’ll speed up adoption of Kubernetes in your organization while enabling your team to confidently manage the platform after the engagement has ended. 

Expert education for operators and developers 

Enabling operators and developers is integral to continuing the development of your modern application platform and getting apps into production. For this reason, VMware Learning has developed two new subscriptions to keep your teams up to speed and certified on Tanzu and Spring. The Developer Learning Subscription for Spring and VMware Tanzu has up-to-date training and certification options for developers, while the Operator Learning Subscription for VMware Tanzu provides training on Kubernetes and the latest Tanzu products. 

You can learn more about Tanzu Activation Services and Tanzu Learning in this on-demand session at VMware Explore: 

Also, listen to our technical experts at this live session in the CXS Theater: 

Rapidly modernize a portfolio of applications  

Getting your platform up and running is just the start of your Kubernetes efforts. To realize the full value of modernization, you’ll need apps running on the platform. In order to help you quickly identify and modernize a catalog of applications on the platform, Tanzu Labs has developed Rapid Portfolio Modernization. Hear more about how we approach app migration and modernization in these breakout sessions:

Scale your platform operations and achieve application development initiatives  

Once you’ve got your new Kubernetes platform installed and integrated, and your operators are trained and confidently running it, you’ll want to ensure your success as you scale up. Tanzu Labs helps customers at every stage of their platform and app modernization initiatives. We’ve worked with countless organizations and helped them get their applications to production securely and at scale. VMware Tanzu expert Michael Coté will be sharing his thoughts on what it takes to be cloud native and presenting a workshop on how treating your platform as a product helps enhance the developer experience. 

You’ll find more information on teams supporting an agile software development approach in this on-demand session about site reliability engineering: 

And finally, you can hear how the US Army Software Factory built platforms to deliver applications at scale globally, as well as trained soldiers to create software that addresses challenges faced by the Army, in what is sure to be a fascinating fireside chat with COL Vito Errico, Director, Army Software Factory, and Edward Hieatt, SVP Services and Support at VMware Tanzu Labs. 

Register now for these sessions and many more when you grab your seat at VMware Explore!

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Colleen Green

Colleen Green is a product marketing manager focusing on platform services at VMware Tanzu Labs, the software consulting services branch of VMware Tanzu. Previously, she handled product marketing for various managed services and managed security services providers. Colleen also has a background in graphic design and education. She holds a BFA from Syracuse University, an MAT from SUNY Oswego, and an MS in Marketing from Texas A&M University - Commerce.

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