Announcing the Launch of the Bell TV Application (version 4.5)

August 30, 2013 Pivotal Labs

Bell selects Xtreme Labs to help develop and deliver the Bell TV application.

The Bell TV app is a single application providing Bell TV and Bell Mobility customers with live and on demand content. The newly enhanced app enables Bell TV customers to enjoy the channels they subscribe to on their smartphone or tablet at no extra cost. Version 4.5 of the Bell TV application (previously branded Bell Mobile TV) is the latest major release of Bell’s mobile video experience, providing access to programming over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The previous iOS and Android applications created were enhanced visually and functionally, and Xtreme Labs contributed to the development of the BlackBerry version built specifically for the BB10 OS to feature-parity. The application was launched on all three operating systems on August 19, 2013.

After months of development and testing, the 4.5 release was launched with significant enhancements to the mobile TV viewing experience. Here are some of the core upgrades:

Increase in Content

One of the most exciting changes is the increase of content available in the application as a result of the Bell TV integration. The application had offered the most live content on mobile and now with the integration of the Bell TV service, offers over 100 unique, live and on-demand channels. Bell TV subscribers can watch all the programs within their Bell TV subscription on smartphone and tablets over WiFi.

Bell TV subscribers can simply log in to the Bell TV app from their smarphone or tablet to access their TV programming on the go. Channels are live and broadcast in real-time. If these subscribers are also Bell Mobility customers, they can access these channels on-the-go over the Bell Mobility network.

Newly Branded User Interface

Users of the previous version of application will notice the new re-skinned user interface. Xtreme Labs modified the fonts and colours of the app to align with Bell’s refreshed digital brand guidelines.

Search functionality was also built into this solution, which makes it easier and quicker for customers to find their favourite programs.

What do the Users Think?

One reviewer in Apple App Store wrote:

“The app is awesome, love the design and it’s so easy to use. Love it and will definitely recommend it ☺”

The Bell TV app is also making a splash in Blackberry World, having earned 4/5 stars in the first week of launch.

Closing Thoughts

If you find yourself wanting to access TV shows on the go, check out the Bell TV app. With more content than ever and a sleek new look, the Bell TV app just became much more exciting. Give it a download today.

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