Annika Jimenez Speaks at the White House's Data To Knowledge to Action Event

November 20, 2013 Paul M. Davis

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The impact of Big Data is wide-reaching and has implications for numerous sectors, from industry to health, energy to education. Recognizing this, the Obama Administration announced an initiative on March 29, 2012 to encourage research and development in the field and collaboration between key players in the space.

Annika Jimenez, Pivotal’s Global Head of Data Science Services, spoke this week at Data to Knowledge to Action, an event hosted by The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Networking and Information Technology R&D program that highlighted a number of collaborations that have arose as a result of the initiative, as well as high-impact partnerships arising from the sector.

Jimenez appeared at a panel discussion to discuss Pivotal’s vision of enabling enterprises to go beyond insight and act upon it by rapidly developing data-driven applications. With DataKind’s Jake Porway, Jimenez also discussed Pivotal for Good, a partnership with the non-profit to connect the skils of Pivotal’s industry-leading data scientist with organizations in need.

Also highlighted at the Data to Knowledge to Action event was The Big Data Top100 List, a collaborative project between industry leaders, academia, and government to develop Big Data performance benchmarking standards, The initiative, which aims to facilitate competition and innovation through objective standards for application-level performance, is a partnership between Pivotal, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Cisco, Oracle, Intel, Brocade, Seagate, NetApp, Mellanox, Facebook, IBM, Google, and the University of Toronto.

Watch Annika Jimenez speak at the Data to Knowledge to Action event:

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