Android Tidbits 6/9/2011: CD2M Resources

June 10, 2011 Joe Moore


One of our projects just started implementing the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) framework. We’ll keep you posted as we progress through the many pieces of this implementation. Various resources include:

  • Official Google code page: Google Projects for Android: C2DM
  • Sign up for the service — you’ll need a Google account, like GMail or a hosted Google account.
  • There is no official Android client library for handling these messages. There is a de-facto standard set of classes, as used in JumpNote and Google Chrome to Phone Extension. Most blog and forum posts say something like “Download those classes and tweak as needed.”
  • Wei Huang from Google posted an article about implementing C2DM.
  • Now for the Ruby part — wait, Ruby? Yes, there is a big server-side component to C2DM. Your message-pushing server must not obtain an authorization token from Google to communicate with the service, but also keep track of the authorization tokens from each device that needs to receive push notifications. We are implementing a server-side API for our devices to register their C2DM tokens. Also, the awesome folks at GroupMe have open sourced a c2dm gem for Ruby servers to both authorize with Google and post notifications.

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