An ‘Open’ Invitation to Oracle: Cloud Foundry Welcomes You

September 28, 2014 Todd Paoletti

featured-CF-Oracle-InvitationAs rumored early last week, today Oracle made news about its latest effort in the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market, its third such announcement in as many years (check out 2012 and 2013). It’s widely known that Oracle sits at the crossroads of another critical stage in its journey, looking for new technologies that will help bring back the innovation that propelled them into the enterprise giant they are. The fact is that Oracle deserves much credit for the contributions they have made to database and application infrastructure over the past 30 years and the world would look very different today were it not for them.

But the world has changed.

There are new classes of applications, new frameworks and mechanisms in which developers are building and deploying applications. Additionally, today’s developers have a new set of things they value like agile teams and rapid iteration, continuous delivery with no downtime, and open source as the new open standard. Yes, the world has changed.

As Gartner has highlighted, enterprises are deploying bimodal models of IT, in order to innovate rapidly to stay ahead of the crescendo of technology driven companies seeking to disrupt their respective market. The stories are well known. From movie and media consumption, to city taxis, to hotel accommodations, to thermostats. Technology-driven innovation is an opportunity as much as it is a threat. That is why we are seeing adoption of new technologies across the enterprise landscape and tremendous enthusiasm around new application types, development and delivery models. Microservices, APIs, containers, continuous delivery, and DevOps are among a long list of models that will drive this new era.

Pivotal is the proud leader of the open PaaS movement. We believe an open PaaS harnesses these new development and delivery models so startups don’t need $100M in VC funding and traditional enterprises don’t need to overhaul IT to innovate.

Oracle’s announcement is an acknowledgement that they see where the market is headed and cannot afford to be left behind. Their PaaS effort is a major industry milestone. It is recognition of how IT will evolve moving forward, and can prepare Oracle for the next 30 years.

Pivotal would like to acknowledge this milestone for Oracle and invite them to join us and other industry leaders like IBM, Intel, HP, SAP, Rackspace, VMware, CenturyLink, Docker, EMC, Accenture, CapGemini, BNY Mellon, Swisscom, NTT and Verizon (among many others) and become a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. By doing so, Oracle will join a growing ecosystem of companies that are united around the common goal of meeting the evolving needs of customers and giving them the necessary tools to innovate in an era of open technology.

We hope Oracle will embrace an open approach to PaaS, working with our existing (and growing) community to help bring the power of PaaS to more enterprises around the world.

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