An Entirely Late Movember Wrap-Up

January 11, 2013 Davis W. Frank

It’s quite a few weeks late, but I’d like to thank everyone at Pivotal Labs and everyone of our clients and friends in Webstache who helped with Movember this year.

But what you probably want is some stats. We like numbers, right?

Across all of our offices, the people who grew mustaches and shaved their heads into Mohawks raised just over $20,000.

Together with some of our friends and clients, notably Square, AirBnB, Social Chorus and Snapfish, the Webstache network (really just a team of teams) raised over $43,000. This was enough to be ranked as the 57th best multinational network. We’re a multinational network because the gang at Appex (in Norway) joined in. But that amount was good enough for 22nd place on the US leaderboard.

Lastly, the EMC network – all of the Pivotal Labs teams, Greenplum, and a bunch of EMC proper teams – raised over $63,000. That’s #12 in the US overall and the 3rd highest corporate network.

Your chatter, upper lips and yes, dollars, helped raise awareness around Men’s health issues. So big, BIG, thanks from all of us. And we’ll see you in Movember 2013!

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