Ambitious Apps at Amazing Scale: Submit to the Apache Geode Hackathon

July 8, 2015 Stacey Schneider

sfeatured-geode-hackathonIt’s not too late to create a submission for the Ambitious Apps at Amazing Scale Hackathon for Apache Geode, the open source version of Pivotal GemFire. Apache Geode, which powers some of the world’s most demanding applications, was recently accepted by The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) as an incubating project. To celebrate this adoption by the Apache Software Foundation, Pivotal Software is challenging developers to learn more about its capabilities. Participants in the Apache Geode hackathon have a chance to win over $1500 in prizes. Submissions are due by July 17, 2015 at midnight, Pacific Time.

About the Hackathon

Pivotal challenges participants (single individuals or teams of up to two individuals) to develop a demo of an app based on Apache Geode and submit a video to the Ambitious Apps at Amazing Scale Hackathon site. The first place submission will win an Apple Watch per team member (up to two watches for a team of two individuals) The five top-scoring teams win hoodies bearing the Apache Geode logo.

Here’s briefly what you need to do to participate. Be sure to visit the official Hackathon site for complete directions and contest rules:

  1. Make a contribution to the community by developing an app based on Apache Geode
  2. Submit a five minute demo video
  3. Participate in a demo interview
  4. Promote your work to win the popular vote

A panel of judges will rate your submission along the following categories:

  • Ambitious Scope—Winning apps should demonstrate the widest usage of Apache Geode features, APIs, and capabilities
  • Amazing Scale—Apps should demonstrate usage at the highest scale in terms of data stored, concurrency, and reads / writes / queries per second
  • Innovative Idea & Experience—Apps will be judged on the uniqueness and originality of idea, usage of Apache Geode capabilities to create pleasing user experiences, and the general business value delivered
  • Community Contribution—Judges will consider the number, quality, and impact of JIRA issues filed and closed as part of the app, as well as fixes or code contributions made in pull requests. Participants will also provide open source access to their app code

For more information, check out this video:

Some Quick Hints

If you are new to Apache Geode, here are some resources for getting started quickly:

  1. Here are instructions on how to build and run Apache Geode in 5 minutes
  2. The Apache Geode Wiki is full of great information
  3. For hands-on exercises and videos, check out these intro training materials. Although branded “GemFire”, these materials are also valid for Apache Geode.
  4. If you like to use Docker, check out this page for instructions. This repo pulls from Apache Geode nightly builds, so its only for testing purposes.

Sample Project: The Highly-Scaled Stock Predictive System

The kind of apps we’d like to see people build can be seen in examples such as this stock prediction system featuring Apache Geode in a machine learning application. This system uses Apache Geode for in-memory analytical scoring, Spring XD for data pipeline streaming, Apache Hadoop® for storing historical stock prices, and a machine learning algorithm written in R.

Using The Geode Community

Participants can demonstrate an ambitious scope by showing off new features, such as those recently added to the Apache Geode code base, and outlined in this newsgroup posting. The committers are in process of merging these new features with the main code base. However if you are interested in using these features in your app, send a note to for some quick advice on how to incorporate the new code into your hackathon project.

For an opportunity to join and contribute to the Apache Geode community, and a chance to win one of the prizes, submit your entry at the Ambitious Apps at Amazing Scale Hackathon official site.

Editor’s Note: ©2015 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Pivotal and GemFire are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Pivotal Software, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.Apache, Apache Hadoop, Hadoop and Apache Geode (incubating) are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.

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