Agile tips & tricks presentation at RailsConf

February 8, 2009 Davis W. Frank

Warning: a bit of Shameless Self-Promotion follows

Sitting in more than one session at RailsConf 2008, I noticed speakers that were advocating, directly or indirectly, Agile practices. But, aside from Kent Beck’s great keynote, there wasn’t a lot of ‘pure Agile’ on the program.

I left the conference inspired to write a presentation that would help those in the Rails community get better at their jobs.

I had some ideas, but last summer I asked you what helped you be Agile day-to-day. I took your comments, the tips from fellow Pivots, and my own hacks and made them blend. The result is a presentation called “I Rock, I Suck, I Am” that was accepted for the program at RailsConf 2009.

So thanks to you for your thoughts & comments – they all helped shaped my presentation. And if you’re at RailsConf, come on by with your curious and/or reluctant peers and have a listen.

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