A Taste of PlatformCF: 5 Sessions from a Thriving Community

September 4, 2013 Adam Bloom

header-graphics-platform-cf-preview-V02Starting Sunday, September 8th, the Cloud Foundry Conference, PlatformCF, welcomes a worldwide group of over 400 dedicated developers and operators to Santa Clara for the first conference around the open source Platform as a Service (PaaS). The conference features leaders, contributors, and users who will cover tech topics, provide roadmaps, and share case studies in an environment designed for interaction and discussion. There is also a dedicated un-conference where attendees attend discussion topics they voted on.

Besides hosts GE, IBM, and Pivotal, companies like VMware, AppFog/Savvis, NTT, Tier 3, ThingWorx, Wipro, Anchora, Rakuten, Cloud Elements, Intel, AnyNines, and others will also be speaking.

Here is a list of five sessions from PlatformCF to give you a taste of what the conference will cover and what you will learn from other customers, users, service providers, developers, and partners:

1. From Zero to Factory: Revolutionizing ‘Time-to-Value’ Through the Industrialization of Enterprise IT

Who: Jonathan Murray
Role: EVP and Chief Technology Office
Company: Warner Music Group
Bio: Mr. Murray is responsible for global technology strategy, end-to-end IT Service delivery and the design and delivery of a next generation—cloud based—service platform to meet the needs of Warner’s employees, artists, fans, and business partners.
Abstract: ‘Time-to-Value’ is now the career defining metric for enterprise CIOs. The velocity of IT capability delivery must match the rapid pace at which modern business cycles and consumer demand patterns change. Jonathan Murray will discuss a radical approach to the industrialization of enterprise IT and the practical aspects of implementing an enterprise software factory leveraging new cloud based Platform as a Service technologies.

2. NTT’s Cloudn PaaS: Powered by Cloud Foundry

Who: Yudai Iwasaki
Role: Lead Engineer
Company: NTT
Bio: Yudai Iwasaki is a research engineer at NTT Laboratory Software Innovation Center. He is a core member of the development team of Cloudn PaaS, which is a public PaaS solution provided by NTT Communications. Mr. Iwasaki is leading the development of their Cloud Foundry deployment. He is also the leader of community relationships at NTT and is a member of the Japan Cloud Foundry Group, in which capacity he gives lectures on the structure of Cloud Foundry for Japanese Cloud Foundry developers. He is also a developer of Nise BOSH, which is a light weight BOSH emulator.
Abstract: NTT has been running a commercial public PaaS, named Cloudn PaaS, based on Cloud Foundry since April 2013. This session will show how NTT developed their service using Cloud Foundry and the benefits from adopting it as the base system. This session will also show how Cloud Foundry’s extensible design helps NTT connect other functionality, such as a managed DBMS service and authentication system, and how we manage our Cloud Foundry cluster.

3. Java Buildpack: Designed for Extension

Who: Ben Hale
Role: Cloud Foundry Java Experience Engineer
Company: Pivotal
Bio: Ben Hale leads Pivotal’s efforts to constantly improve the Java experience on Cloud Foundry. Recently he has been working on the Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack with an eye to making it the best place to run Java applications, in the Cloud or otherwise. Prior to working on Cloud Foundry, Ben worked on large-scale middleware management tools, tc Server, dm Server (OSGi), and Spring.
Abstract: Whether it is the automatic choice of containers or the zero-touch configuration and usage of services, the Java Buildpack aims to remove the hassle of running Java applications on Cloud Foundry. There are times, however, when an application needs a feature that the buildpack does not yet provide. This talk will start by showing how to use and configure the Java buildpack and finish by showing how to extend the buildpack to ensure that Cloud Foundry is the best place to run your application.

4. Cloud Foundry at Rakuten—the Largest E-commerce Company in Japan

Who: Yohei Sasaki
Role: Software Engineer
Company: Rakuten, Inc.
Bio: Rakuten Group is one of the world’s leading Internet service companies, providing a variety of consumer and business-focused services including e-commerce, eBooks & eReading, travel, banking, and so on. Mr. Sasaki has worked on the development of e-commerce platforms for the company and is now a technical lead of DevOps for Rakuten’s Platform as a Service. He is also one of a member of CloudFoundry Japan community.
Abstract: Rakuten has managed Cloud Foundry v1 clusters for over a year in production systems. In this talk, Mr. Sasaki will share how we have improved Cloud Foundry within our private infrastructure and introduce practices for managing platform as a service (PaaS) in a large scale internet companies.

5. IBM Operational Metrics

Who: Daniel Krook
Role: Senior Certified IT Specialist on the Advanced Cloud Solutions Team
Company: IBM
Bio: Daniel has been a developer and software engineer for almost 15 years and with IBM for over a decade. He holds numerous patents and has authored and contributed to many publications. Currently, he manages the OpenStack environment that runs IBM’s internal Cloud Foundry deployments.
Abstract: This talk covers the key operational metrics IBM monitors to prevent problems and keep Cloud Foundry running smoothly. Sharing our notes with the community, we hope to validate our approach, learn about other data points, and spark efforts to include additional monitoring hooks in future releases.

Visit the PlatformCF conference website for additional information on the agenda, speakers, topics, etc.

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