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February 7, 2013 George Dean


ActiveRecord save race condition in Resque

We have a Rails app that is saving a new ActiveRecord object, and then immediately afterwards, enqueueing a Resque job that looks up that record by its ID. Sometimes, the lookup inside the resque job fails – it claims no such row with that ID exists.

If we put the lookup into a loop that catches that exception and retries the exact same lookup, it always eventually succeeds, usually after 1-2 seconds.

The ID exists on the ActiveRecord object before the job is enqueued, which (I think) means that the save transaction has completed. But the resque job is using a different database connection, so maybe there's some weird caching going on? But here Google has failed us.

Any ideas? We could leave it in a loop that catches the exception, sleeps 1 second, and retries, but: ugh.

Some ideas from the audience:
There is a connection object that can be queried about transaction states.
Wait for transaction count increment/decrement?
Could be a problem with the way that sqlite fakes nested transactions.

Best practices for individual users on GitHub

Usually we have a single GitHub account for a project that contains a key for each of the machines being used on a project. On our project we want to use a separate account for each person on the project. Is there a way to do this without a lot of trouble shuffling SSH keys around?

Pivotal Git Scripts may have some tools for this.
You can also use HTTPS URLs and enter username/password on each commit.


Lobot – Now with per-project chef recipes

If you need to write your own chef recipes to install your project's dependencies, you can add a cookbooks directory to the root of your project. Make sure to delete the cookbook_paths section from your lobot.yml (to use the default values), or add ./chef/project-cookbooks to the cookbook_paths section.

So, to have a bacon recipe, you should have cookbooks/pork/recipes/bacon.rb file in your repository.

Stately – A font of the US states


For all those times you need a vector representation of the USA and to color the states separately.

Apiary – Public API documentation


Takes a well formed file and generates really usable REST API documentation. Integrates with Github for collaboration


Thursday: Inaugural Thursday Night Pair Exchange tonight

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