A Preview of the 2013 Covington & Burling Sports Media & Technology Conference

November 8, 2013 Allen Nizi

The fields of sports and technology are increasingly intersecting. Franchises such as the San Francisco 49ers have invested $1 billion in their new stadium, and technologies like Cisco’s StadiumVision hold the potential to revolutionize the in-stadium experience and drive increased revenue from tickets sold.

More than ever, technology is heavily influencing sports economics, such as methods of monetization and traditional business models. To keep up with what’s happening, I’m going to be in New York City on November 13-14, to attend the 15th annual Covington & Burling Sports Media & Technology conference.

I’m particularly interested in the one-on-one interview with DirecTV’s Chairman, President & CEO Michael White. White’s insight around remaining focused in a very confusing business, as he addressed at this speech at UCLA, will very likely get the attention of attendees.

If you’re a sports-mobile enthusiast like me (I think of ‘sports and mobile’ as one and the same – I’m actually following a game on my device as I write this), you could be excited about the glimpse from the different set of perspectives. Bill Daly (Deputy Commissioner, NHL), Lenny Daniels (Executive Vice President & COO, Turner Sports), Paul Fichtenbaum (Sports Group Editor, TimeInc.), and Brian Rolapp (COO, NFL Media) will be discussing the technology that’s going to make the greatest impact on the industry and implications of the latest developments, trends, and technologies on a panel entitled “Sports Media Headlines of the Day: Perspectives from the Top.”

Should you plan to attend as well, let’s meet up – email me at anizi@pivotallabs.com. If you can’t make it, keep keep a lookout for my follow-up post about the most interesting things seen and heard at the 2013 Covington & Burling Sports Media & Technology Conference.

Game on!

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