A Preview of Open Mobile Summit

November 11, 2013 Imtiaz Jaffer

From November 12 – 14, we’re going to be in sunny San Francisco for the 6th annual Open Mobile Summit. This will be our second year attending OMS, and we’re excited to contribute our expertise this time around.

I’m going to be be part of a panel hosted by Paul Kapustka, Editor and Founder of Mobile Sports Report, named “Not Your Dad’s Sporting Event: Using Mobile to Convert a Lost Generation into Fans.” He will be joined by Benjie Levy, COO of The Score, and Ryan Spoon, SVP Product Development at ESPN. The panel’s topics will be centered around:

  • Rich media opportunities: From NASCAR to MLB, how do we mine the content, engage younger audiences, and enjoy higher ROI?
  • Targeted digital on-site offerings: How do we re-engage the younger demographic on and off site?
  • The role of targeted advertising during worldwide digital sporting events: Can you use granular viewing time metrics and location to serve up high ROI advertising?

Other members from the Pivotal Labs team who are attending Open Mobile Summit:

  • Sheetal Jaitly, Director of Business Development, Media, Sports, and Television – TwitterLinkedInEmail
  • Moray Hicks, Business Development Manager – LinkedInEmail
  • Michael Kahn, Director of Business Development – LinkedInEmail

If you plan to attend OMS, stop by booth 5 or send myself or any one of us an e-mail – we’d love to meet up.

We’re particularly excited for Day 3 of OMS, where mobile leaders like Shazam’s CPO Daniel Danker, CBS Interactive’s SVP and GM of Digital Platforms Rob Gelick, and The Score’s CEO John Levy are going to be sharing the secrets to their success and their observations on the mobile apps landscape today. (In case you can’t wait, check out one of Gelick’s previous keynote speeches where he shares CBS case studies and best practises.)

Safe travels if you’re also attending. Otherwise, stay tuned for our follow-up blog of the OMS 2013 highlights.


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