A Call For Diversity At The Next Pivotal Cloud Foundry Industry Day

August 24, 2016 Jeenal Shah


Jeenal ShahAt Pivotal, diversity is something we view as important, recognizing that diverse teams build better results. As evidenced Pivotal’s Cornelia Davis’ work on the movie Code: Debugging the Gender Gap and her keynote from SpringOne Platform, we recognize that it takes work and will not happen without facilitation. Every effort that we do is a big step forward.

As we were doing our retrospective after the New York Industry Day we realized that our partners brought no female engineers to the event–how did that happen? I think we can do better than this, but we need your participation. Let’s start with the next Industry Day in Seattle on September 13 & 14. It is a great event for both your men and women engineers that will also help us reach our goal to gap gender diversity.

Why Industry Day Is A Great Gateway For Inclusion

Industry Day is a FREE event where we invite partners for two days to pair with our own team to ramp up quickly on Cloud Foundry, and be productive. Most of the attendees are new to the Cloud Foundry ways, and so it is a great gateway for anyone looking for a vibrant and meaningful coding community to join.

It is also an event where you get to participate in extreme programming–we will design, develop, continuously integrate and test with a goal to have working software at the end of two days. This is a very informal event with no sales and marketing but just coding with lots of fun around it–no kidding! In just those two days, you will also get up to speed on what we believe is the future of application development, building skills in cloud native programming, and learning how to leverage a platform to transform how you build modern software. You’ll also build valuable insight into specific design questions you might have when approaching Cloud Foundry projects—should you use an on-demand Service Broker, Managed Service, or Buildpack? We pair with you to help you decide what is best design approach to integrate your software with the platform.

What we have learned from previous San Francisco and New York Industry Days is that when you put bunch of partners and engineers in one room, you learn so much from each other and you are guaranteed to release production code as quickly as in 2 weeks. Isn’t that awesome?! The event starts with a brief introduction, figure out pairing and boom! You are on to writing code and building software. At the end of two days we demo what we built and celebrate our accomplishments!

This time, Industry Day is heading to the cloud capital of the world, Seattle WA—home to AWS, Azure and myself—so I am particularly excited about it. You will be working 1:1 with my team, the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform engineering team whose sole purpose is to build ecosystem around Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Currently we support about 125 Independent Software Vendors, but of course we are always looking for more!

“Industry Days was a stellar program and I can’t thank you enough for letting me participate. The hands-on material you’ve developed along with coaching and technical guidance I received shaved off months of meandering and wasted dev time. You have greatly accelerated our knowledge/capability to deliver something useful to PCF users. I look forward to putting this to good use next week while visiting a couple of our joint customers.” –Google engineer

If you are thinking of coming, there are no prerequisites. It is pretty hands on so this event is primarily for engineers, but if you are a manager who codes you are welcome! A little bit of reading can help set your expectations, especially if you are new to using Pivotal Cloud Foundry. To learn more read getting started guide on ISV Portal.

I will be going to Industry Day in Seattle. Who is with me? Diversity is important not just for Pivotal but for entire technology industry and our future! If Cloud Foundry is the ecosystem of the future for technology, let’s start immediately by making this community more inclusive and diverse.

So ladies, will I get to see more women this time in Seattle? Register now, if you are!


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