7/13/2012 – Happy Friday

July 13, 2012 Glenn Jahnke


  • Heroku Maintenance Mode Fail

Does anyone know why maintenance mode doesn’t seem to work? Is there any way to check from the command line that we are in maintenance mode?

— (Ken) This is how I test it on heroku_san: https://github.com/fastestforward/heroku_san/blob/master/features/step_definitions/remote_steps.rb#L130

  • Sending Faxes from Rails

Anyone had to send a fax from Ruby/Rails? Any good SaaS you used to do it?

  • carrierwave custom processing is called twice

Dumb workaround:

def intelligent_crop
crop_to = model.crop_to
# crop_to = [left_x, top_y, width, height]

manipulate! do |img|
  # guard against the second time intelligent_crop is called
  if (img.columns != crop_to[2] || img.rows != crop_to[3])



version :cropped_preview do
process :intelligent_crop

No one seems to have heard of this particular bug, unfortunately.

  • acts_as_soft_delete

What is the best soft-delete gem to help you not actually delete records?

acts_as_soft_delete_by_field was recommended, however rolling your own is probably also a very reasonable idea: this is pretty closely tied to your business logic.


  • validate_presence_of does not work with booleans

…because it fails if the boolean is set to false. Use

validates_inclusion_of :boolean_field, in: [true, false], allow_nil: false


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