Rebasing Your Wobble Detector, Industrial IoT and Pivotal (Ep. 40)

November 10, 2016 Coté

There’s no end of discussion about the Internet of Things now-a-days, but much of it is either about flashing toothbrushes or crazy huge numbers with abstract use cases. This week we talk with Pivotal’s Saurabh Gupta about the work he’s been doing in the IoT space with Pivotal customers. He has a great model illustrating how to think about IoT use cases which we cover in-depth, with several examples. At the end of our discussion, you’ll have a good appreciation of how IoT is improving the business of “the big, noisy, dirty machines.”

We also discuss some recent news: clouderati’s new jobs, CenturyLink buying Level 3, new MacBooks and Surfaces, AI market-sizing hijinks, and an example of cloud-native business thinking in the hotel industry.

Show Notes


Guest – Saurabh Gupta, IoT

  • Coté got some help from Saurabh on Pivotal and IoT recently for a talk. We discussed several ways Pivotal is used in IoT and industrial cases and an interesting model for how to apply small batch thinking to IoT that Saurabh had. We talk with him on all that.
  • IoT seemed very hype-y a few years back. Connected toasters and the like. How are enterprises starting to really think about connected devices? New business models? New insight?
  • CF Summit 2015 talk on IoT from GE’s Harel Kodesh.
  • IoT as “connected devices”: Lights and dimmers replacing a wire with a wireless protocol.
  • Industrial IoT is more about having a decision loop in the process, not just “on/off” dimmer switch stuff.
  • There’s already a lot of connected devices in industrial spaces, like remote tar sand drilling and such. So, what’s new now? You’re able to capture the time series data from a device and use that information to determine how you control that device.
  • Find him @saurabhguptasg.

Here’s the two slides that describe the IoT decision loop well:

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.10.53 PMScreen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.10.44 PM

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