10 Reasons Why Hadoop Will Dominate in 2013

February 14, 2013 Paul M. Davis

The Apache Hadoop platform has been ascendant in recent years, thanks to its flexibility, rich developer ecosystem, and ability to suit the analytics needs of developers, web startups and enterprises. Hadoop is on track to become prevalent in 2013, with Gartner predicting it will be embedded in two thirds of Big Data analytics products by 2015. A new eWeek slideshow details the reasons why.

eWeek cites Hadoop’s ability to analyze data in real-time, its cost-effectiveness in relation to the value of predictive analytics, Hadoop-optimized hardware, and the increasing number of practitioners with Hadoop expertise. This will drive the demand for data scientists, as suggested by a PC World article that states, "A keyword search for Hadoop on the IT careers site Dice.com turned up nearly 1,000 jobs posted within the past month, many from software vendors."

Find out more and watch the slideshow at eWeek.

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