06/25/12: capybara-webkit on Centos?

June 25, 2012 Joseph Palermo


  • capybara-webkit and Centos

Capybara webkit works with one app using lobot with a trivial spec. With another app, it fails with a Errno::EPIPE: Broken pipe every time. It seems this error message means “something went wrong” which isn’t particularly helpful. We’re wondering if anyone else is using capybara webkit on centos with success?

Some talk of font differences and CSS selectors was mentioned.


  • filepicker.io

The guys from filepicker dropped by the SFDevOps hack day on Sunday, and it looks like it could be an interesting way to handle file uploads. They have various integrations, and your user can chose to “upload” a file from dropbox/box/facbook and gives you back a url for your app to grab it from. Haven’t tried it, but it seems like it could be a quick win.


  • eXtreme Tuesday Club

We meet each Tuesday to discuss TDD, XP and architecture over pizza and Tuesday lunch’s leftovers.

See the meetup.com page for more information.

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