The State of Spring 2021: Insights from Our Survey

September 1, 2021 Aditya Tripathi

Earlier this year, VMware surveyed some 1,600 Spring developers, architects, and managers on a variety of Spring-related topics. We did so to learn more about the Spring community, as well as to get their take on topics like the adoption and use of key Spring projects and the growing use of modern app development methods.

Spring continues to thrive, with a rise in the number of people saying it is their primary or only development platform. Respondents to this year’s survey overwhelmingly told us Spring Boot has had a hugely positive impact on their productivity. In the resulting report, you will find more about the top Spring projects, technologies, and app architecture patterns that are helping unlock developer productivity across startups and large-scale enterprises.

Read our report to learn more about:

  • The most popular Spring projects and technologies this year 

  • Which types of applications and architectures developers are building with Spring

  • What the community’s plans are for Spring Native deployments

Download the State of Spring 2021 report here!

This annual survey is a key source of feedback for the Spring team. Thank you to all those who participated!  

About the Author

Aditya Tripathi is the senior product marketing manager for Spring at VMware. He previously worked in product management roles at VMware, Pivotal (acquired by VMware), and Amazon. Prior to that, Aditya built empathy for developer tools while working in software engineering roles at investment banks. He holds an MBA from Oxford University and an undergrad engineering degree from Mumbai University.

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